Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Any accountant whose company is on a calendar year-end knows not to make New Year's Resolutions until AFTER the books are closed. Otherwise, they will be broken in a matter of days, hours, or possibly minutes depending on how good the day is going. As it's starting to slow down I've turned my attention to 2007 and my New Year's Resolutions. But before I make my 2007 resolutions I wanted to look back at my 2006 resolutions.

#1 Go someplace new. Done!! I went to Copenhagen in May, Chicago in June, and New York City (for one day) in December.

#2 Do a triathlon. Done!! I finished my first triathlon in August.

#3 Exercise more, eat right. Eh, I'll give myself a B on this one. Could I have eaten better? Yes. Could I have exercised more? Of course. But overall I did okay on this resolution.

Looking back at my 2006 resolutions I think I will keep them the same for 2007.

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