Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Galore

Have I mentioned I like pumpkins?  And this weekend has turned into a pumpkin weekend!  Friday it was pumpkin gelato (yum!!), Saturday was pumpkin frozen yogurt (from red mango) and pumpkin curry (double yum!), Sunday was pumpkin latte and a pumpkin smoothie made by yours truly.  Seriously, I might turn into a pumpkin at this point.  Or at least some shade of orange.  True story - my first baby picture (shortly after my entrance into this world) had a little bit of my red hair sticking up which looked like a stem.  My first nickname?  What else - pumpkin.  Since it is October 31st and I haven't made any "new" recipes (per my 33 Things list) this month what else should I do but stick with the pumpkin theme and make a pumpkin smoothie?  Originally I had thought to make an exciting squash recipe or something else fall-ish but time got away from me so pumpkin smoothie it is.  Cop out?  Eh, maybe but since it is my list and my rules, I'm counting it.  I have no idea where I got this recipe but basically pumpkin, banana and yogurt thrown together with some spices and blend.  It turned out good!  And no, I don't normally have a doily, but it was there and I thought it dressed up the pumpkin! :)

Speaking of my 33 Things list, we need a 5K for October don't we?  I had planned on doing the Pumpkin Push 5K but as with the recipe, things didn't quite go according to plan.  With my cold settling in my chest, I decided to pass on the 5K.  I had done a 5K earlier in the month, but it didn't have a cool name like Pumpkin Push so I wasn't going to officially count it.  But now I am.  I don't remember much about the race except it was super cold - as in I saw my breath.  Brr! 

And now I'm spending some quality time with my DVR.  I'm thinking I'm going to give up on Survivor this season.  I haven't watched a single episode this season and I've got lots of other shows piling up.  I'm sorry Survivor, my DVR has spoken and it is time for you to go.

Look Mom, It's Snow White & Cinderella!

It’s been what, about a month and a half since my last Disney trip? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Obviously it is time for another one! I do realize I have a problem, but what a problem to have! :) Plus since Jana got married this year, it is much easier to plan a long weekend in the states, rather than a trip to Europe. And Disneyland is just about the same distance for us to fly (a little shorter for me). There was also the little matter of it being Halloween and so we could dress up for Mickey’s Halloween Party!

We met at the hotel Thursday night and ventured over to Downtown Disney for dinner. Not much was open so we ended up at the ESPN Zone before heading to bed.

Friday morning we were ready to go! First up was breakfast at La Brea Bakery. We discovered this place last time and boy, is their food yummy! I already knew what I wanted. A big plate of pancakes, heaped high with strawberries & bananas. Oh so yummy! I also had a cappuccino, my first coffee drink in probably two weeks. It was also quite delicious. Mmm, coffee – I have missed you so! And then it was off to California Adventures where the gate attendant immediately recognized us (Good Morning Princess). That’s right, I am a Princess! :)  California Screamin’ is to Jana as Tower of Terror is to me. They just do not go together. Jana wanted to give it another try so try we did. And failed, miserably. But at least she tried it again! It probably didn’t help we had just eaten breakfast. Once again, one of the highlights (for me anyway) was the Aladdin show, where the Genie even had updated jokes! We finished up the day at California Adventures and headed back to the hotel to change into our costumes for Mickey’s Halloween Party!

I was Snow White (sans hair as black as ebony) and Jana was Cinderella. I had gotten some “Really Red” lipstick, and it lived up to the hype! I have never worn that red of lipstick. Walking back towards the park, you could hear the little girls pointing us out. “Mommy, Snow White!” “Look, it’s Cinderella & Snow White”. We decided to have dinner in Downtown Disney before going to the park (hindsight – should have gone in and gotten pictures taken in front of the castle prior to dinner. Oh well. Next time!). Seriously, I felt a little like a celebrity with all the little girls looking at us with wide eyes. They didn’t see a fat girl. They just saw a princess. It did a lot for my self esteem! Dinner seemed to take forever but finally the bill was settled and it was time to for the Halloween Party!

It was dark by this time and even though we searched high and low there were no PhotoPass photographers to be seen in the vicinity of the castle. And trust me, we looked many times. Oh well. We got to Fantasyland at a good time and basically didn’t wait in any lines (except for Alice in Wonderland). The candy lines were ridiculous so we probably didn’t get as much candy as we could have since we would only wait in the lines with very few people. We watched the parade (in hopes of a headless horseman like at DisneyWorld, but he was not there) and rode more rides and finally decided to call it a night. Haunted Mansion was probably the highlight – it was redecorated for The Nightmare Before Christmas and so much fun!! While overall Mickey’s Halloween Party was fun, I would have loved a few more PhotoPass photographers and I would have loved a few less people since it was super crowded.

First on the agenda Saturday morning (even before breakfast!) was obtaining a fastpass for World of Color, the new light show at California Adventures. Success! We had a quick breakfast before heading across to Disneyland. We met up with Jana’s cousin and her three kids for lunch at Rainforest Cafe. It was my first visit to Rainforest. That restaurant is a sensory overload! Lunch was fun! Jana’s cousin has her hands full with three boys! :) But they were super cute kids and did really well. We said goodbye and rode the monorail back to the park.

At one point there was a lot of official people standing around so you knew something was going on. Or at least I suspected something was going on. And there was! Mandy Moore & Zach Levi were there (voices for the new Rapunzel movie) doing an interview. We weren’t close enough to hear what they were saying, but watched them from the carousel.

Before we knew it, it was getting close to time to head back over to California Adventures for World of Color. We knew we wanted corn dogs for dinner. They had turned that area of California Adventures into a dance club, or so it seemed. Club music was playing and lights were flashing – it was a promotion for the new Tron movie. We ate our corn dogs (with no french fries –what is up with that?) and then walked over to get our spot for World of Color. I don’t have adjectives enough to describe World of Color – it was AMAZING!! Probably my favorite thing we did this trip.

After the show we still had time so it was back to Disneyland (love those park hopper tickets!). It was almost time for the park to close so we knew we had to prioritize. We decided on Haunted Mansion (we had a fastpass) and It’s a Small World. We rode Small World and then walked over to Haunted Mansion to use our fast pass. But Haunted Mansion was closed so they gave us a super cool fast pass, the only catch being we only had 15 minutes to use it. I turned to leave but then Jana reminded me we could use it on Space Mountain since we hadn’t yet been on that! Yes! So we took the super cool fast pass and hightailed it over to Space Mountain. And then it was time to leave.  Too bad it wasn't extra magic hours because we could have gone for another hour or so... We did a little shopping before walking back to the hotel.

Last days are always so sad. We didn’t have a lot of time Sunday morning, but we did have time for breakfast at La Brea! This time I had a croissant sandwich. But no cappuccino, since their machine was broken. But Haunted Mansion wasn’t broken so we were able to ride on that as well as Mr. Toad before doing a little shopping and just like that it was time to say goodbye.

Until next time!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Senses Friday

  • Jana at Disneyland
  • Rain pelting against the windows and howling winds - ah, fall storms
  • Halloween candy (but I must go in search of candy corns, I haven't had any yet)
  • Crummy, but I think I am almost over my cold
  • White Flour oil (to help with my cold)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here We Go

I'm just back from Disneyland!  And when I say just back, I mean I've been back for several days but I caught a cold on the way home and so have been somewhat out of commission.  Pictures & recap to come (hopefully soon!)...  In the meantime, I have realized I am about 4 months away from the Princess Half.  While it seems like I've still got time, factor in vacation & holidays and it'll be here before you know it.  Not to mention I haven't done anything the past few weeks between work, being out of town & now a cold.  So it is probably time to start getting serious about training.  I sat down with my calendar and attempted to plan something out leading up to February 27, 2011.  Loosely, each week will look something like this:

Monday: Hot Yoga
Tuesday: Treadmill (3 - 5 miles)
Wednesday: Free Choice (hot yoga, elliptical, weights, swim etc.)
Thursday: Treadmill (3 - 5 miles)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Kickboxing/hot yoga
Sunday: Long Run

There is wiggle room built in.  The schedule isn't set in stone (although I did write in pen!) and I can always shift things around.  And I have the very important fact that I have done this before.  And I finished!! 

More importantly this means I only have 4 months to sort out a costume.  Yikes!!  Better get my thinking cap on!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

33 Things: UW vs OSU

It has been a long, long time since I've been to a Husky game, hence the reason it is on my 33 Things list!  I went to the game with Nikki.  We met up at the Park & Ride, along with Kristi & James who were also going to the game (but sitting in a different section).  And can I say Park & Ride is definitely the way to get to the game!  No need to worry about driving or parking!

We got to the stadium, picked up kettle corn & a pretzel and started the long climb up to the tip top of the stadium.  For as high up as we were, the view was still good.  We were on top of all the action. 

Holy cow!!  What a game!!  Double overtime.  I had forgotten how loud Husky Stadium can get!  Wow!  No one was leaving early (well except the people sitting at the end of our row).  After a few plays it became clear every OSU third down we were standing and making noise.  By the time we got to the second overtime we were on our feet, hollering, stomping, clapping for all we were worth.  After one false ending in second overtime (wiped out due to a penalty), the game ended in a Husky victory.  I turned to Nikki to celebrate and she kept asking if it was real.  This time it was!!  Hooray!!

Even though he doesn't play for us, let me just say Jacquizz Rodgers is fast!!

And today, well my voice is still recovering.  But it was so much fun!!  Go Dawgs!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Senses Friday

  • red & yellow leaves - fall is really here
  • I can't get Katy Perry's California Gurls out of my head
  • grilled chicken
  • someone brought in top pot donuts, yum!  and then an open container of red licorice was emitting some very enticing smells
  • sore!!  I had a trial session with a personal trainer and my arms are feeling it today!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

List #13 Random Things about Me

The cleanse is over!!  Hooray!  Now comes the hard part of incorporating all that clean living into my daily life and enjoying treats in moderation.  It's all about balance and not being too hard of myself when I slip up because it'll happen.

I don't really have much else to say at the moment so we'll fall back to a list of random tidbits about yours truly. 
  1. One of my dreams as a kid was to find a historical artifact.
  2. I love listening to old time radio shows. Richard Diamond, The Shadow, Boston Blackie, Our Miss Brooks – I could go on.
  3. I read romance novels. And I love romantic comedies.  I'm sure no one is shocked by this.  Sometimes you just need a fluffy boy meets girl story.
  4. I failed my Driver’s Test, twice.
  5. I got my first C ever my first quarter of college. And I got 2. I’m pretty sure those were the only ones I ever got though.
  6. I watch too much TV. But it is so darn hard to turn off sometimes!
  7. When I talk to myself, I sometimes will use hand gestures to get a point across – to myself.
  8. I am not a night person. I don’t know that I would necessarily call myself a morning person anymore (I used to be more of a morning person), but I am definitely not a night person. I turn into a pumpkin if I am out too late.
  9. I am the person who is jamming out in her car at a red light.
  10. I want to get married in a castle.
  11. I used to hate (with a passion) the color pink when I was younger, but now I have embraced the color (it isn't my favorite, but it's in the top 5).
  12. I don't like to cook.  At all.
  13. I probably drink on average 3 to 4 liters of water a day.

Friday, October 08, 2010

List #12 My 5K Playlist

Okay, so no Five Senses Friday today because really it would be all food, or the lack thereof. Feeling – hungry, tasting – lemon juice/maple syrup and cinnamon gum, hearing – the crunch of potato chips that I can’t eat, smelling – oh so many wonderful food smells, seeing – candy bars everywhere I look! Okay, never mind. A short & sweet Five Senses! :) I’m not normally a salty person but I have been craving a lot more salt lately. Probably to offset the maple syrup sweet. If you were to place a bowl of chips next to a bowl of M&Ms, 9 times out of 10 I go for the M&Ms. Unless of course I was at Azul and the chips were accompanied by some roasted corn avocado dip. Yum!! Or Chuy’s with some creamy jalapeno sauce. Oh, Chuy’s, I miss you! Where was I? Oh, yes so if the rest of the cleanse goes as the last one did, while I’m still craving not as healthy things on the cleanse, once I’m off, I usually do much better! For awhile anyway....

Am I the only one super excited for Kona on Saturday?! I am in awe of the Ironman athletes. While I would one day love to do a half Ironman, I am pretty realistic about the fact I will never, ever, ever in a million years do a full. (Exaggerate much? Yes, yes I do.) A full would require a marathon and I have also sworn to never do a marathon (the guy died when he reached Marathon after all!). I will be checking in on the progress of the race throughout the day.

I'm still aiming to make my goal of running 12 5K's, or one 5K a month.  I was really hoping to do the Dawg Dash in October but I'll be out of town. Darn. But I think I now have a few viable 5K options for October. November has been harder because I'll be out of town for most of the Turkey Trots. I'm still looking though.

All these 5Ks have me thinking - one of these days I am going to run a 5K sans iPod.  You know what? I think I'm going to have to put that on my 34 Things list!  But until then, when my feet hit the pavement (or treadmill as the case may be) I will be accompanied by my iPod.  But what tunes have been motivating me through these 5Ks?  I think it’s time for a list!
  1. All that Matters (Addison Road)
  2. What About Us? (Brandy)
  3. Sexy! No No No... (Girls Aloud)
  4. Let it Rock (Kevin Rudolph)
  5. Speed of Light (Corbin Bleu)
  6. Burnin’ Up (Jonas Brothers)
  7. Naturally (Selena Gomez & the Scene)
  8. Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada)
  9. Scream (Zac Efron / “Troy”)
  10. I am Free (Newsboys)
  11. Just Dance (Lady Gaga)
  12. Something Kinda Ooooh (Girls Aloud)
  13. Devastated (Ballas Hough Band)
  14. Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus)
  15. A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fruit or Vegetable

Okay, so I promise not to bore you with too many cleanse details over the next few days.  Or too many I'm really hungry statements.  After all, I brought this on myself.  I knew what I was getting into.  And you'd think after going through it the first time, I might have learned to think more about what I eat.  To some extent I did, for awhile anyway.  But then life got busy, which isn't a real excuse.  Anyways...

I think I have developed a pack a day habit.  Pack of gum that is.  What can I say, it keeps my mouth happy.  Another day is almost at a close.  Goodbye fruits & veggies, hello lemon juice.  While I had an array of different fruits, my veggies were carrots.  And avocados - are avocados really considered a vegetable?  I'm claiming them as a vegetable, and a green one at that!  Oh snap.  They aren't a vegetable, they are a fruit.  So yeah, my only veggie has been carrots.  Probably should work on that for the end of the cleanse when I'm back on fruits & veggies. 

I'm having weird cravings (and dreams too but that is another story).  Popcorn sounded so good to me today.  And normally I am not a huge popcorn person.  I was also craving a big glass of cold milk.  And what would I need to have with my milk?  Why cookies of course.  I could go for a pumpkin cookie right about now.  I did spend a few minutes looking up recipes for when the week is over.  Oh my, there are some yummy recipes out there.  With pictures!!  Not much longer now.

Time to go eat another orange!   

Monday, October 04, 2010

Cleanse, Orange You Glad Day 1 is Over?

Oh, cleanse. How I have not missed you. Nope, not in the least. I was definitely more prepared this time and I made it through Day 1 relatively unscathed.  Hello quinoa & avocados. A little more filling that just plain old fruit & veggies. A little more exciting too. Thank you sugar free gum, which I have been chewing just about non-stop. The chocolates sitting out didn’t even phase me. Well.........there might have been a moment or two (or five) where I was seriously tempted. I even survived the day without coffee. I like to think I can do just fine without coffee, but the reality is I am *slightly* addicted.  And maybe a bit more than *slightly*.

Our grocery cart was very interesting with the array of fruits & veggies, lemon juice, pure maple syrup and distilled water.  The cashier remarked we must have been on a mission to which we responded we were trying a new health kick.  Hopefully the contents of our cart weren't the weirdest she had ever seen.

My Day 1 pills have been taken, fruits & veggies eaten, and now it is time to head for home and my bed where I can dream of food.  Only 6 more days to go!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Musings

Well here we are on Sunday night and just a few thoughts from the weekend.  Next week is looking to be a doozy between work and the cleanse.  Hm, what's on my mind lately?  Oh yeah that would be the cleanse.  Do I really want to do this again?  I don't think I have a choice at this point.  Fruits, veggies & lemon juice oh my! 
  • I went to my second Sounders game and they won!  Yay!  We sat in the rowdy section and I came to the realization that I am not a rowdy section person.  It was distracting and the flags were blocking my view of the pitch.  I enjoyed the game, but that was my first and last time sitting in the rowdy section.
  • Oh my word!!  Second year in a row the Huskies beat USC on a last second field goal!!  Holy cow!
  • First weekend in awhile no race!  So instead I hit the trail for 6 miles.  My goal is to keep up a base of around 6 miles.  I was running and my mind was wandering all over the place.  It ended up back at the Princess Half, which is the reason I was out running so quite fitting.  And then it hit me.  Due to my last 10K I now had "proof" that I could finish in under 2:45 minutes.  Barely finish and that is assuming no bathroom or picture breaks, which let's face it, isn't going to happen.  But still, the realization that my 10K time may potentially qualify me to move up a corral made my day!  If this gives me a chance to move up my starting time, I'll take it.  You'd better believe when I got home I emailed the Disney peeps to let them know I had proof of time!
  • I had garlic last night, which I didn't think would be too bad, until I got home and realized I had some serious garlic breath.  But okay, no vampires and no mosquitoes, right?  But does that mean no Edward?  And then I remembered I had a massage scheduled the next day (or today).  Hopefully the garlic smell wasn't too bad!!
  • With the cleanse looming, I had a few last goodies to eat, a last meal of sorts.  I suppose last minute goodies somewhat defeat the purpose of the cleanse.  But a baby pumpkin cupcake was delicious!!  As was the pumpkin spice latte and the pumpkin muffin.  I am sensing a theme!  Have I mentioned I love pumpkins?  And since it is prime pumpkin season, I wanted to get my fill of pumpkin before I went for a week without real food.
  • The new TV season has begun and I am finally now caught up on Dancing With the Stars,  but all other shows are building up on my DVR.  My early favorites are Kyle & Kurt, with Jennifer close behind.  I would like Jennifer more but she is paired with Derek, who isn't my favorite and won last season. 

Friday, October 01, 2010

Five Senses Friday

  • Lots of spiders!! Ew! And rumor has it the over abundance of spiders means it will be a hard winter.
  • Bananas – there is a pile of very ripe bananas on the table near my desk. We are trying to convince a co-worker that he wants to make us banana bread!
  • Sirens - I was waiting a light last night when one, two, three, four cop cars turned on their lights & sirens and went speeding that-a-way
  • Pizza, goldfish, and mini chocolate bars.  Oh my!  
  • Tired
  • I don't have a good one for this...  But I was driving behind someone and their exhaust was stinky.

My tasting will be quite different next week as I am once again attempting to cleanse.  Wish me luck!  I blame Jessica.  Her other sister is getting married so great time for another cleanse and it is definitely easier to do it with someone else (I think anyway) so I'm along for the ride.  I don't know that our co-workers will be so thrilled to be working with us, but oh well!