Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Musings

Well here we are on Sunday night and just a few thoughts from the weekend.  Next week is looking to be a doozy between work and the cleanse.  Hm, what's on my mind lately?  Oh yeah that would be the cleanse.  Do I really want to do this again?  I don't think I have a choice at this point.  Fruits, veggies & lemon juice oh my! 
  • I went to my second Sounders game and they won!  Yay!  We sat in the rowdy section and I came to the realization that I am not a rowdy section person.  It was distracting and the flags were blocking my view of the pitch.  I enjoyed the game, but that was my first and last time sitting in the rowdy section.
  • Oh my word!!  Second year in a row the Huskies beat USC on a last second field goal!!  Holy cow!
  • First weekend in awhile no race!  So instead I hit the trail for 6 miles.  My goal is to keep up a base of around 6 miles.  I was running and my mind was wandering all over the place.  It ended up back at the Princess Half, which is the reason I was out running so quite fitting.  And then it hit me.  Due to my last 10K I now had "proof" that I could finish in under 2:45 minutes.  Barely finish and that is assuming no bathroom or picture breaks, which let's face it, isn't going to happen.  But still, the realization that my 10K time may potentially qualify me to move up a corral made my day!  If this gives me a chance to move up my starting time, I'll take it.  You'd better believe when I got home I emailed the Disney peeps to let them know I had proof of time!
  • I had garlic last night, which I didn't think would be too bad, until I got home and realized I had some serious garlic breath.  But okay, no vampires and no mosquitoes, right?  But does that mean no Edward?  And then I remembered I had a massage scheduled the next day (or today).  Hopefully the garlic smell wasn't too bad!!
  • With the cleanse looming, I had a few last goodies to eat, a last meal of sorts.  I suppose last minute goodies somewhat defeat the purpose of the cleanse.  But a baby pumpkin cupcake was delicious!!  As was the pumpkin spice latte and the pumpkin muffin.  I am sensing a theme!  Have I mentioned I love pumpkins?  And since it is prime pumpkin season, I wanted to get my fill of pumpkin before I went for a week without real food.
  • The new TV season has begun and I am finally now caught up on Dancing With the Stars,  but all other shows are building up on my DVR.  My early favorites are Kyle & Kurt, with Jennifer close behind.  I would like Jennifer more but she is paired with Derek, who isn't my favorite and won last season. 


FruitFly said...

I am totally rooting for Jennifer - but I agree, I'm not the biggest fan of Derek. And I hate to admit it, but I like watching the Situation. Not because I want him to do good and win, but because it is ridiculous he is on, and he seems to be soooo bad!

How exciting you got to submit a 10K time. I had just run my fastest 10K right before Princess registration opened, so I was excited to say I think I'll do 2:30. This is totally guessing since I've never done a 1/2 marathon and I have NO clue how long it will take me. I just don't want to be in the last corral!

Emily said...

Ha! I'm with you on The Situation, not that I'm rooting for him, but he is entertaining!