About Me

I was born and raised in Seattle, spent a few years in Houston (and 6 months in London), before finding myself back in Seattle.  I'm a coffee addict and I love pizza margherita!  I had been a fairly non-athletic person most of my life until a former co-worker convinced me to try sprint distance triathlons and I found my sport!  I'm normally a short distance, back of the pack, age-grouper but recently have attempted to become a runner.  I love the thrill of a race morning.  When I'm not training, I'm either working, reading, travelling, or taking photos.  I'm a basketball and football (both kinds) fan and love cheering on my University of Washington Huskies (Go Dawgs!) and my Duke Blue Devils, yet I didn't attend either school.  I'm an introvert who watches too much TV and will do just about anything for M&Ms!  I love to complain and I never, ever, ever exaggerate - ever!

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ATTrio said...

I love M&M's. and I also love Seattle. You are lucky =) I have never lived there but always dream to. FUN.