Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Union 10K

Before I get to the race report, check out my new travel page which has all my trip reports summarized!

I really enjoyed this race last year and decided to do it again.  Plus they had a walkers division, since that is what I am (for now) - a walker!  And I am learning to be proud of that fact.

The day did not get off to the best start.  I either slept through my alarm, or turned it off in my sleep.  Either way, I woke up late.  I hate being late!  I rushed around and was out the door before I knew it.  No breakfast?  Nope.  I recently found this new product, Vespa Power, an amino acid supplement.  I usually only use it when I know I'll be training or racing for more than a couple of hours, but decided to try it this morning as well.  I can't really explain how it works, but basically it helps your muscles metabolize a higher level of fat during physical activity, conserving your glucose.  It isn't for everyone (especially anyone with honey/bee sensitivities), but so far I've noticed on my longer walks, I'm really not super sore the next day.  So I had my bee juice, as I like to call it.

I arrived at the race site, found a parking spot, got my bib and found my co-worker (she also ran it with me last year).  We found another co-worker of ours and chatted until the race was about to begin.  In my rush to get ready this morning I pulled on pants and while we were waiting I was beginning to regret the decision.  Capris or a running skirt would have been a much better choice as it was definitely starting to warm up.  Oh well.  At least I had sunglasses!!

They had us line up according to pace and there was even a pace sign for the walkers.  Which is where I lined up.  We waited for all the runners to cross the start line and then the walkers started!  Yay walkers!  Once I got around several people I found myself at the front of the pack.  As in there was only one walker in front of me.  As in, if this was only a walking race I would have been in 2nd place.  This has never happened before!  It didn't last too long as a couple other walkers sped past, but I did enjoy my "second place" while it lasted.  I caught up with a few of the run/walkers and played leap frog, I'd pass them while they were walking, they'd pass me when they started running.

The first mile passed by in a blur.  I knew I'd gone out pretty fast and so did my knee as it started protesting at the pace.  I settled down into a more manageable pace.  One woman, out for her morning run, passed me and asked how far the race was and then told me "good luck!"  I collect all and any cheers.  Thank you very much!  Just like that we were up to the first water stop and mile 2.  From mile 2 to mile 3 the sun seemed to be always in my eyes (thank you sunglasses!) and it also seemed to take forever.  But finally the mile 3 sign came into a view.  Not too much longer after, I passed a mom and her baby and she and the baby were clapping for me.  (Okay, maybe they were clapping for all the runners and walkers, but I am taking it for myself!)  Up and over the University Bridge, where a car started honking for us.  Seriously, I had great cheerleaders this entire course.  (Again, probably the car honking wasn't just for me, but I'm pretending it was.)  Just after the bridge was my first glimpse of the Space Needle.  Yay!  (The finish line is sorta near the Space Needle.)  The course brought us down by the water and it was fun to catch glimpses of the different house boats.  Water stop number 2, mile 4, and this set of steep, short up and downhills were next.  I was still feeling really good.  And so was my knee.  Once I had backed off the super fast pace, and settled in, my knee did much, much better.  Don't remember too much about mile 5 except thinking I'm so close.  Oh and the volunteers right before the mile 5 sign.  Let me say all the volunteers on the course were great, but a special shout out to the group right before the 5 mile sign.  Your cheers really lifted me up.  I was in the home stretch now.  I thought I was slowing down a tad, so tried to pick up the pace.  I rounded the corner and could see the finish line.  A spectator was standing off to side cheering her heart out.  Again - fantastic cheerleaders all along this course.  And then I was done!  Yay!!  I heard my name over the loudspeaker (they paused briefly trying to figure out my last name). 

My time you ask?  I am super happy to say it was 1 hour 32 minutes and 57 for a (are you ready for this?) 15 minute pace!!  Hallelujah!  I am feeling so much more confident about the Tinker Bell & Princess Halves and their 16 min per mile pace.  Plus here's hoping I will have permission to run before then, but even if I don't, I would say I'm doing okay walking.  And I am embracing being a walker.  I am a walker.  There I said it!  One day I will be a runner again, but until that time, I will walk proudly.

And there you have it!  A 10K with a 15 minute pace and my race for August done!


caitlin (questforfitness) said...

Good for you for embracing your walking! I've been stressing the 16 min pace for my half too! Great finish time!

Emily said...

Thanks!! Good luck with your training as well!

Fruit Fly said...

I am waaaayyy impressed with your time considering you walked it and it was in Seattle! I mean I hear Seattle now and think HILLS! No matter what direction you go you seem to always be walking up hill!


Fruit Fly said...

Oh - and I like the new travel page!