Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dear Mac Book

Dear Mac Book,

I have had you for almost a year now.  And I have tried to like you, really I have.  I have tried to adjust to the fact you have no delete key and no windows key and especially the fact that I can't right click.  But you are driving me crazy right now.


In not quite a year of owning my own little Mac, what I have learned is I am a PC.  Well, I am a PC adjusting to being a Mac.  How's that?  I'm sure there is a lesson in here on being patient and flexible.  I love my Mac, I love my Mac, I love my Mac.  And eventually it will be true.  Or so I am hoping.

Speaking of inanimate objects that I am trying to love....  Thanks for letting me vent last post on my lack of joy in riding my bike.  I was speaking with my physical therapist today about my bike troubles and she pointed out that some of it could be a reaction from my knee and somewhat mental.  It probably doesn't like bending right now and biking involves a lot of bending of the knee.  Okay, that makes sense.  But I am trying to love my bike.  And realizing I have only 2 more scheduled rides before the triathlon, so really 3 more rides before I can shove my bike in the garage and forget about it for the next several months has done a lot to improve my attitude! :)

Also, I joined Twitter!  Say what?  I know, I know.  But all the cool kids are doing it, and deep down I have always wanted to be a cool kid, you know?  So anyway - check me out if you'd like...@Em425  But bear with me as I'm still learning...

What's next?  Ditching my (old fashioned) blackberry for an android?  It's definitely a possibility!

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