Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What the bike??

Tonight the calendar called for a brick.  A short, hilly brick.  I left work and drove to the park.  As I was getting my bike out of the car a little girl (maybe 8) says "I know you!  You were here last week on the trail."  Which, yes, yes I was.  I thought it was cute that she remembered me.

I started off - up the first hill, second hill, third hill and fourth hill.  I barely make it up the fourth hill.  Again on the lowest of low gear.  Me and this gear - we are becoming BFFs.  I paused at the top at the drinking fountain and gulped down a few sips of water.  I continued on, up the next hill and then I was approaching the bridge.  It was on the bridge I got very, very discouraged.  I made it up the hills (which is the point, right?) but it was such a struggle.  Since I've been doing triathlons, usually there is a discipline I feel will be my weaker one and it varies between biking and swimming.  This time it is definitely biking.  I am so struggling with the bike right now.  Normally I can power up hills, but I have not found that gear (ha ha!).  Even on the flats I'm not doing too well.  Its not that I ride too far either.  I mean most of my rides are for short distances.  If someone were to tell me that the bike portion was eliminated from the triathlon I would literally jump for joy at this point.

I don't know what it is - was it the months inactivity due to my knee?  Is it my lack of cross-training (again due to my knee)?  Why is the bike so hard for me this time?  Why?  I haven't had a good bike - oh wait, I take that back.  Besides last Saturday I haven't had a good bike ride.  I just haven't felt comfortable.  Not that it was ever easy, but it has never been this hard.

I finished my ride, threw my bike in my car, thought a lot about just getting in my car and leaving but decided walking the mile and completing the brick probably would be the best thing.  And it was.  It was good to clear my head and just walk.

So if anyone has any bike ideas, please pass them on!  I am all ears!  I will take any help I can get.

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