Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here We Go Again

Monday - hot yoga, and let me just say I rocked this class!!  Probably had something to do with the fact it wasn't super humid (it was hot - just  not humid) so perfect conditions for me.  I even managed to do the first part of dancers which I haven't really done since I hurt my knee!

Tuesday - 2.5 mile walk, nothing super exciting here. 

Wednesday - pool swim.  So I got to the usually empty pool and it wasn't empty.  The swim lanes were all occupied so I got into the little open area and created my own swim lane.  When one lane finally opened up, I missed my chance to grab it.  Which, okay, lots of people in the pool and not everyone can get a lane.  But this person wasn't even swimming - they were doing weird jumping exercises and mainly using one end of the lane (while putting their feet into the other lane).  Really?  You couldn't stay in the open area and do this nonsense?  Grr.  Finally another lane opened up and I grabbed it.  At this point I had no idea what lap I was on, so figured I'd go for time.  I was in the process of turning when I heard a voice asking if they could share my lane.  It took me awhile to realize they were talking to me but when I did I turned around and gave them the thumbs up sign.  It was my old pool friend - I usually see her in the pool around this time since we are both generally training for the Danskin.  I got back from my lap and we started chatting.  Which then meant I really didn't have a good idea of how much time I'd swum.  I think I ended up doing about 30 minutes give or take (after I subtracted out the chatting time).

Thursday - time to go conquer the hills on the bike.  Only this time, ride all the hills!  I got up the first three (which are really just one somewhat continuous, very long hill, but I like to think of it in three pieces).  I got to the next hill which is my nemesis hill and once again got really familiar with my down shift.  Pretty soon I was on the lowest possible gear.  And still struggling.  But I made it to the top.  Barely.  And stopped.  My legs were shaking and I really needed a drink of water.  Fortunately there is a water fountain at the top of the hill!  As I paused for my drink, I thought for a second about ditching out again on the rest of my ride but then I reminded myself that I only have a few weeks left.  Well, crap.  Guess it's time to bike then.  So across the bridge I went.  I ended up in the lowest of low gears a couple more times.  Which is not normal for me.  However, making it up the hills does help with my confidence, even if I made up in a super low gear.  After all, isn't that why bikes have gears?  So you can use them all? :)   

Friday - lake swim.  It was really, really cold.  Guess the few hours of sun didn't do much to warm up the water!  Ha!  I did my usual routine to get into the water.  Step in, stop and stand.  Okay, my legs are getting used to the water.  Step in a little more, until the water is up to my waist.  Stand still.  Splash a little water on my arms and chest.  Creep in a little more.  Splash water on my neck.  Inch a little further into the water.  I'm now about chest high.  Deep breath.  A couple more deep breaths.  One more deep breath.  Okay, maybe one more deep breath.  And submerge myself!  There - that wasn't so bad was it?  The waves were definitely on the wavy side today.  But all in all a good swim.

Saturday - Boy, I am long-winded this week in review.  And still two more days to go!  With basically two weeks left until the triathlon (gasp!!  two weeks!?!) it was time for a brick.  A brick is basically doing two activities back to back.  For me that usually means bike followed by a walk.  I packed up and drove to the park only to find the parking lot being used for some sort of festival.  Plan B - drive up the road to the next parking lot.  With today supposed to be "hot" (yes hot in Seattle has a very different connotation than in other parts of the world) I decided to break out the running skirt.  When I got on my bike I realized I had put on the wrong skirt, I had grabbed the one with the shorter shorts underneath.  Oh snap.  Well not much I could do at this point.  So I showed everyone on the trail a little more than I would have liked.  But not a scandalous amount.  At the beginning I was super self-conscious but eventually that passed and I just rode.  It was actually a really good ride!  I got back to my car, threw the bike in, grabbed my hat, and was back on the trail.  The first couple hundred yards or so were quite painful, with my legs feeling like concrete.  But finally my legs started feeling more normal.  Two miles later I was done with my brick.

Sunday - long (run) walk day.  Okay I had something really good here, but it got eaten by blogger so I will attempt to recreate it.  I headed to the park.  The weather had definitely taken a turn from yesterday.  But 9 miles in overcast weather makes for a much more happier Emily.  For whatever reason I decided I didn't need my hat.  And I didn't until the light mist turned into a heavy mist and then into full out rain.  The rain was streaming into my eyes and it was now that I wished I had a hat or sunglasses or anything really to keep the rain out of my face.  I think people are generally more friendly when the weather isn't the best.  One guy said "another crazy" as he ran by me.    With about a mile to go to my turn-around the rain finally subsided back to the light mist.  Much better!!  Finally I reached the turn around point.  I thought I was moving at a good pace but then Will Smith's "Getting Jiggy With It" shuffled on my iPod and a big smile came across my face and I found I could push the pace a little bit more.  As usual, I kept checking in with my knee.  I spend so much time on any given walk thinking about my knee.  Is that a normal pain?  Did I step wrong?  Is it a real knee pain?  What about that?  Is that a knee pain?  I'm  happy to say my knee did well.  I did have some hip pain, but believe you me, I was almost happy to have hip pain and no knee pain!  Finally 9 miles completed.  I decided to hit hot yoga (for yin yoga or as I like to call it, gentle yoga) to help work out my muscles.

And there you have it.  Another week of training in the books!!  I will be so glad once the triathlon is over and I can focus on the half marathon training.   I am now in my comfy clothes relaxing with a couple ice packs watching TV.  Oh 9 miles, it has been a long time.

Happy Sunday!

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