Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rachel's Birthday Wish

A week ago there was a huge, multiple car accident on I-90.  My window at work basically overlooks the stretch of the freeway where the accident occurred.  I wasn't at work when it happened but I did see the aftermath as it took several hours to clear the scene.  A 9 year old girl was killed in this accident.  A beautiful little girl, whose wish for her 9th birthday was to raise $300 to provide clean water to developing countries.  She fell $80 short.  And then the accident happened - a horrible tragedy.  Out of the tragedy has come an amazing, incredible story.  Her donation page was re-opened and donations started pouring in.  She has now raised over $475K (the last time I looked at her page) and it is still growing.  

This is such an heart-wrenching yet heart-warming story and has really touched me.  Such an outpouring of love and support in the face of tragedy.  And such hope.  How good can come out of such a tragedy.    

Since I've been writing this the total has gone to over $483K.    Check out Rachel's webpage.

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Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

oh my horrible. but thank you for sharing and spreading awareness...