Monday, July 18, 2011

Week in the Rear View Mirror

Here we are again - at the end (or beginning?) of another week.  Before we look back at last week's activities, let's talk about gnocchi!  (Ha!  Did you think I was going to say Harry Potter?  Don't worry - that's next.)  Friday night was an exciting night.  I started off at a cooking class to learn how to make gnocchi.  It was a really good class (and yummy!) and now I think even I can make gnocchi!  So much so that I bought several kitchen tools to help me.  The question is will I ever use these new gadgets?  I don't know but I was very impressed by the gnocchi and how simple it seemed.  Okay, maybe not simple, but definitely do-able.  And the teacher mentioned you could make pumpkin gnocchi!!  Color me intrigued!  What color is intrigued anyway?  Maybe an orange hue?

Gnocchi class done and it was time to head to the movies!  I had been hopeful to re-read the book or at least re-watch the movie but I ran out of time.  I am so, so, so not a late night person, but here I was ready to watch Harry Potter at 11 PM.  I think this calls for some diet coke!  Surprisingly I did not fall asleep.  I was so drawn into the movie.  I won't say too much about the movie (in case you haven't seen it) but I laughed and I cried.  I was impressed at how much they fit into the movie (even though there was a few things I really wished would have made it like Percy and Kreacher at the end) but you can't include everything.  Such a good movie.  I am going to miss looking forward to the next installment of HP.

Okay, back to what's going on in the world of training.  Especially since I realized I have 4, count 'em 4 weeks left until my triathlon!!  Holy cow!!  Um, when did that happen??

Monday - early morning 2 mile walk through the woods and I capped off the night with hot yoga (it was a much better class than last time)

Friday - pool swim (36 laps)

Saturday - after my late HP excursion, I slept in.  Until 10!  Yikes!!  Well really 9 something but I didn't get out of bed until 10.  My calendar called for 7 miles so I laced up my shoes and headed out.  It was so humid and sticky.  Now when I say humid, I realize Seattle humidity is not that bad (and somewhat non-existent some would even say).  I used to live in Houston and that is serious humidity!!  But for Seattle, this was quite humid.  I was regretting my choice of a long sleeve shirt and was even contemplating ripping it off.  But that would not be a pretty sight.  And besides, I'd have to carry my shirt.  So that was not a real option.  Ugh.  The air was so heavy, but finally I was done.  Back when I first started walking (and long before I started running), several people had told me walking was way harder than running.  At least harder when doing longer distances.  I scoffed at this thinking.  How could running be easier?  But as my walking miles are increasing I am remembering back to these comments and realizing how true they are.  I think a lot of it is how much faster you can go when you are running.  Anyway, walking is where I am at now and I am happy that I am able to do at least that.

Sunday - After the See Jane Run (Walk) 5K, I got back in the car and drove to the park.  I probably could have stayed and ridden my bike near the race site, but I wasn't super familiar with the area so I decided to go to my park.  It had started raining as I was leaving.  Boo.  But maybe it would stop?  Nope.  I got to the park and started off on my ride.  And then realized I had forgotten my sunglasses.  But it wasn't sunny!  Yes, but it would help keep the wind/bugs/rain/etc out of my eyes.  I hadn't gone far so it would have been easy to turn around and go back to the car.  But I was afraid that if I went back to my car I would pack up and leave.  So I rode on.  Through the biting rain.  It let up a little until I reached the turn around point and then it got worse.  But at least I was heading back to my car.  I finished up, completely soaking and shivering.  First stop - Starbucks for a nice WARM cuppa!!  Second stop - home and a nice HOT shower.

And there you have it.  Time to step up the training since I only have 4 WEEKS!!  Ack!

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Fruit Fly said...

Four weeks?? Oh wow! That's exciting, yet coming up rather fast!

I liked HP! I haven't read any of the books though. I liked how we wrapped up loose ends and things I was questioning from other movies. I'm going again next week with my mom since she couldn't go to it with me this weekend.