Sunday, July 24, 2011

Time Keeps Marching On

And here we are with another look back at the week that was.  But first, I think I’ve finally decided on the half that I am participating in!  I was weighing the You Go Girl Half (in Tacoma – local, sort of) and the San Jose Rock ‘N Roll (not local at all).  My potential plans to go to Europe have been moved from September to November (still potential, but I have my fingers crossed) which means I’m free to do the YGG in Tacoma.  Oh wait, I forgot some fanfare.  TA DA – I’m doing the You Go Girl Half in Tacoma!  It’s not that I won’t ever do the San Jose RNR, but it’s probably not in the cards this year.   So in less than 4 weeks now I will do my one and only triathlon of the season and then four weeks later I will do the YGG Half!  Yikes!!  Completely walking it to test out my ability to walk a half and hopefully come in close to 3 hours and 30 minutes so I can feel much more comfortable about doing the Tinker Bell & Princess Half in 2012.  Oh the things I do for Disney races! :)

Monday – hot yoga (again it was ridiculously hot and humid and so I spent a good deal of the class on the floor)

Wednesday – got up early and went swimming (36 lengths).  But I wasn’t done yet!  After work I rode my bike to start working on my hill skills.  Oh boy.  Maybe I should have started earlier.  I was definitely struggling and dropped down to the lowest gear possible (which I usually don’t need to do) but the good news is I made it up my really big nemesis hill.  The bad news – it took a lot out of me so I decided to cut my bike ride short.  I ended up skipping out on four hills, but I did add one in.  Did I wimp out?  Yeah, hindsight being what it is, I wimped out.  I should have kept pushing, but I didn’t.  I still have time and I know now I really need to work on hills!!

Thursday – got up early and went for a 2 mile walk.  We’ve been having raccoon issues so I was a little  nervous that there might be raccoons out and about.  But apparently it was late enough in the morning (even if my alarm didn't feel all that late) that the raccoons were all asleep after any nighttime activities, such as getting into garbage cans.

Friday - BRRRRR!!!  With the triathlon not that far off it was time to go jump in the lake.  Holy cow, it was cold.  Chilly!!  Freezing!!  I swam for about 20 minutes and that was enough.

Saturday - time to get up early and go for a bike ride.  I thought for a second about going back to the hills but decided to keep it flat and simple.

Sunday - I think summer has finally arrived!!  Which means I probably should have gotten up a tad earlier to beat the heat to do my 8 miles.  Okay, so it's Seattle and really not that hot.  And I shouldn't complain since all I've been doing lately is complaining about a lack of of summer.  And now I'm complaining that it is here!  Have I mentioned I like to complain? :)  Anyway, back to the walk.  I got to the turn around point and I was so thankful because it meant I could head back towards shade.  Beautiful, lovely shade.  Hey, but guess what?  The sun moves.  And so did my shade.  So my long stretch became only small little patches.  But I still enjoyed them, along with the slight breeze that would blow through every once in awhile.  And I might have slowed down a tad while in the shade to prolong the coolness.  Finally I was done!!  

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