Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seattle Marathon 5K

So this was "technically" my first race where I could run.  But instead I decided it would be my last enforced completely walking race.  Not to say I won't ever walk in a race again, because I can guarantee I will.  But it is my last self-imposed walking only race.  Which means next week I can run again! 

Being my last walking only race, I really wanted to come in under 45 minutes.  But I knew it was going to be tough.  Did you know there are hills in Seattle? :)

As I was leaving it started to pour down rain.  And I did not have a hat.  This might be interesting!  But the rain subsided.  I got to the race site plenty early and ended up sitting in my car for awhile. 

There was a decent number of people participating in this race (which is the precursor to the Seattle Marathon tomorrow).  As per normal, I teared up during the singing of the National Anthem.  And then we were off!

The first mile went by fairly fast.  I ended up in kind of a no man's land where there was a decent pack ahead of me and a decent pack behind me.  But not too many people near me. 

The hills weren't as bad as I was thinking until the end.  That last hill was painful!  But I put my head down and gritted it out.  As I was coming down the finishing chute, I really wanted to run, especially since I saw the clock turning to 46 minutes.  I stayed true to my walking and finished, knowing I would have a little grace time since I started in the back.

I crossed the finish line and immediately looked down at my Garmin.  45:41.  I think I visibly deflated.  So close, yet not quite.  Although my Garmin did also say I went 3.4 miles.  So then you would think I made it in under 45 minutes!  But Garmin is not official.  So we're going with the official results of 45:37 (apparently I turned on my Garmin too early!).

It's not a bad time.  I was just really hoping to break 45 minutes.

A little different at this race was that you got your t-shirt and goody bad after you finished!  Which I thought was a good idea!  Until I almost walked off without mine.  Ha!

And there you have it - my November race with a few days to spare!


Fruit Fly said...

I like the idea of the t-shirt and goody bag AFTER the race. There are some where I've actually driven to Eugene the night before to get my shirt/bag because the next day it is pretty impossible to get it at the race start and then run without having to carry it.

Congrats on your final walking race! Hills? Just saying "hills" is an understatement for Seattle!

Emily said...

Thanks!! Ha - yeah, hills in Seattle - yuck.