Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wet and Cold Run #1.1

Okay, so I'm stealing a page from Fruit Fly's book and I'm going to try and chronicle (at least my long) runs for the next year.  Okay so that isn't new.  But what I really am stealing is the numbering.  Why?  Well I'll let you in on a little secret.  Secret probably isn't the best description - maybe secret ambition is better.  I'm going to be 35 next year.  Wow.  Thirty-stinking-five.  That's not the secret.  But because that number ends in a 5, my secret 2012 ambition is going to be to complete 5 half marathons.  The numbering system will help (me anyway) keep track.  (And I'm going to call them runs even though there will be a lot of walking involved - it's just easier, and shorter!)

The next step would be to figure out which half marathons to choose.  I'm already signed up for the Tinker Bell, Princess, and Seattle RnR.  I've delayed signing up for Portland RnR because I keep hoping they'll post the course time limits.  Which leaves on more to sign up for.  There are so many to choose from.  Do I do another Disney one, say the Disneyland Half or the Wine & Dine?  Do I throw the dice and try to get in for the Nike Women's Half?  Do I do a location one (Hawaii, CA, or someplace else say London)?  Or a local one?  I have a lot of choices.  We'll see how the year goes.

Okay, back to this morning.  The forecast was calling for rain, but not until later in the morning.  So I got up early and started off just as it was starting to get light.  Again, I technically could have mixed some running in, but I decided to wait until December 1st.  Part of me wonders if I'll remember how to run?  I'll bet it's just like riding a bike - it'll come back to me.

The sky kept getting lighter and lighter.  I hadn't gone too far when the rains came.  While it wasn't a light mist, it wasn't a torrential downpour.  It was somewhere in the middle.  Medium rain.    

It's funny the games you can play with yourself to help pass the time (or miles).  Or at least I play.  How many Christmas trees can you see through the windows?  (2)  How many big birds did you pass?  (7, although one or two might have been double counted)  Can I make it to the next tree, shrub, mile marker, etc before the song ends?  

And finally 8 miles was done!  Yay!  On my way home, the rain started coming down more and more so it looks like it was the right call to get up on the early side.

First run ("walk") done.  Tinker Bell training has officially begun.

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Fruit Fly said...

My mom and I count Christmas Trees on our walk breaks at work!

I totally recognized your run numbering. I love it! It helps me keep track, but now I don't know what to do. I should be on #10.1 ... but then Half #10 and #11 are back to back. So then do I skip and end up at 12.1? Ugh, the stress of my system is getting to me! ;)