Sunday, November 27, 2011

On the Way to the Apple Cup

So I won't go into the actual game too much, except to say it was my first Apple Cup (Apple Cup for any non Washington readers is the annual game between the University of Washington and Washington State).  And it was the first game at our new temporary home field - Qwest, Century Link or Clink (whichever you'd like).  The game was fantastic!  I don't really have a voice today.  A halftime tribute to the Muppets by the Husky band.  And it didn't rain!!  Although it wouldn't have mattered since we were up super high and under cover.  As in up so high there was only one row behind us.  Oh, and most importantly - the Huskies won!!  Go Dawgs!!  But you might have figured that out by the fantastic game comment! :)

Overhead on the way to the game:  "Where is the fast pass line?"  I cracked up!  But really, it was a lot like going to WDW.  We had to wait in line for the bus.  The bus over to the Clink was crowded.  We had to stand in a crazy long line for the bag check.  There was the bag check line and the line without bags.  And then we finally got to show our tickets and get into the park, err field.  Exactly like WDW! :)


Fruit Fly said...

Sounds fun! *For the record, I knew what the Apple Cup was, and it just sounds so much friendlier than our Civil War down here in Oregon! *Go Beavs!!

Love your WDW comparison ... so true! And that Husky band? So impressive! I couldn't stop watching them when they were down in Corvallis a few weekends ago.

Emily said...

I SOOO love the Husky band!!! They are super impressive. The highlight of my (short) high school band career was when we got to play at Husky stadium with the Husky band.