Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well it's our last night in Zagreb. And the Croatian soccer team is playing Turkey so we've been seeing (and hearing) lots of soccer fans!! And the game hasn't even started!

Zagreb was cute and very cold!! Thank goodness I brought gloves, a last minute addition to my packing.

Our hotel is in a great location - right near the big square. We've seen museums and churches, walked around and shopped at the market. We also took a bus out to the neighboring town of Samobor and a train to Ljubljana (in Slovenia, so I get to cross another country off my list).

And apparently diet coke does not exist in Zagreb - all they have is coke zero. I hate to say it but it has been too cold for gelato. I know, I can't believe it either!!

Tomorrow is an early morning flight to Belgium! Whose idea was that?!

See you in Belgium!

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Fruit Fly said...

I love the photos! I have to google Zagreb and see where the heck you actually are!

Mandi said...

I've heard Croatia is quite a nice vacation spot. I'll have to get travel tips from you if I ever decide to go!

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