Sunday, July 17, 2011

See Jane Run 5K

Way back when I signed up for this race, I was thinking it would be my triumphant return to running. I had it all planned out. I was going to do the couch to 5k program and then run this race. What is it they say about the best laid plans? With my physical therapist putting the ixnay on running, I settled for See Jane Walk. I mean a race with chocolate and champagne?  I'm so there, even if I am walking. Plus I needed a July race anyway.

I woke up super early and got there in time to grab one of the last parking spots in the lot. Which, okay, I guess makes up for the fact I was there so early. I quickly got in line for the real bathroom. The line was already ridiculously long. I do have to say my one complaint (well okay I did have one other MAJOR complaint, but we'll get to that) was the lack of restrooms. They only had 9 port-o-potties to start with for I don't know how many women. Sometime after the race started they did bring in more, but a little late in my opinion.  Hopefully they will learn their lesson for next time.

It's funny who you can run into at these events. This time it was my massage therapist, or one of my regular massage therapists. She was running the half. We chatted for a minute and then went our separate ways.

They did a cute warm-up and it was time to send the half-ers on their way and I got back in line for the bathroom. With just minutes to spare I made it to the front of the bathroom line and over to the starting line.

And we were off!! My time goal for this race was under 50 minutes. I wasn't feeling super fast right out of the gate but finally settled into a good rhythm.  It felt like I had just started out when I saw the fast girls coming back.  Wow - it is something to watch the fast girls.  They are FAST!!

It was definitely not nearly as humid as it was yesterday (oh wait - I haven't told you about that yet!  Next post, I promise).  I started reeling in people one by one (including a few who were jogging!).  I got to the turn around point and the volunteer told me I was at 24 minutes and some change.  Double that and it would be cutting it close time-wise (but I knew I had a little bit of grace time).  So I would have my work cut out for me if I wanted to beat 50 minutes.  As I turned around and headed back I saw how many people were behind me!  I may not be the fastest but I am not the slowest!!  That gave me a lift and I powered on, reeling in a few more people.

With under a mile left I saw the first of the half marathoners heading towards me.  Again - FAST!!  Before I knew it, I was rounding the corner towards the finish line.  There was one woman in front of me and I was just about to pass her when she started running and I couldn't overcome it.  It was all I could do not to run across the finish line.  I so wanted to!  But I am committed to this path of no running to try and heal my knee.  The clock was nearing 48 and I put on my own finishing kick to cross the line before it hit 48.  My official time, you ask?  Why 46.41 which means a 15.24 pace!  Yahoo!!

I crossed the finish line and saw medals and my eyes lit up!  I love medals!  But no one was giving me a medal.  So I walked over and asked if everyone got a medal (because you'd better believe I'm getting me a medal if they are giving them out).  They directed me over to a table to fill out a rain check for a medal.  They ran out of 5K medals.  And this would be my MAJOR complaint.  I didn't get my medal.  Boo.  But they are going to mail it to me.

I wandered around the expo, got my champagne (so what if it was 10 in the morning - it is 5 o'clock somewhere!) and chocolate and headed out just as it started to rain.  Oh great.  And here I was on my way to ride my bike.  But that is a story for another post.

Ready to Walk


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Fruit Fly said...

Well congratulations on your return to the world or racing! And congrats on not letting yourself break your rule and end up running. Healing is more important than a few seconds!

I am with you on the medal complaint. How do they not have enough? Happens too often and I don't like it!