Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the 1st K of Christmas

On the 1st K of Christmas, I ran across the start line!  That's right, I ran!!  Welcome back Emily.  I'm still running in one minute increments.  This is one of my favorite races.  I just love the costumes, especially the dogs wearing costumes.  It is such a fun race.

I met up with a couple of co-workers before the race (we were a mixed bag, some doing the 12K, some doing the 5K).  It was misty, but thankfully that's all it was because I had forgotten a hat.  The 5K started off and then it was time for the 12K to start.  I lined up in the 12+ minutes per mile category, which was also called the fast walker category.  I get to run, but I have to line up in a walker category?  I don't know if it was better lining up in the walker category or the jogger category.  In any case, I lined up and then we were off!!  And I was running across the start line!

One house we ran by had Christmas music playing for us - love it!

My time goal was under 2 hours.  But my secret time goal was to get under 1 hour and 45 minutes.  To put this into perspective, my best time on this course previously was 1:42:28 and that was when I was running and not coming off a knee injury.

The Ks kept going by and I started paying attention to my watch.  My secret time goal was definitely within reach.  If I kept up the pace.  But with the big hill behind me, and the majority of the rest of the course downhill or flat it was looking more and more like a possibility.

I kept up my running increments and was heading towards the finish line at the same time the kids race was finishing.  Which meant it was a bit chaotic.  But I RAN across the finish line!!  My time - 1:39:34 - holy cow!!  That would be a PR.  Can I say that again?  I PR'd - 1:39:34!!  I am going to bask in this glow for awhile.  Wow!!

P.S. I am participating in Katye's Virtual 12Ks of Christmas so this race was doing double-duty as my December race and my entry into the virtual 12Ks of Christmas!  Oh wait, it was actually doing triple duty as this is also Run #1.4!!  Wow, I got a lot of mileage out of this one race.

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