Friday, December 02, 2011

Run #1.2 With Actual Running

That's right! It is officially December which means I can run again! It has basically been a year since I have run (give or take a few weeks when I was in between physical therapists).

I got up early this morning to squeeze in six miles before my flight to Houston. Once again I started off in the semi-dark but the trail still had a good number of people on it. I didn't want to overdo the running so once I was warmed up I decided to run 30 seconds at the start of every song. It felt good to break into a run. The questions that kept going through my mind were "is it time to run?" followed by "does my knee hurt?" which I am happy to say it didn't. Towards the end I did start to feel a little twinge in my knee so I stuck to walking for the remainder of my run.

Not only did this run have actual running, but I also had an encounter with an otter. He looked at me. I looked at him. And then he jumped back into the grass, back towards the river. Whew!

All that is left to say is - I'm back, baby!!

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Andrea said...

Hey there fellow Team Donner!

Congrats on your first run back!

Looking forward to reading

Anonymous said...

I'm also a fellow Team Donner! Its great that you recovered and can get back into doing what you love!

Fruit Fly said...

An Otter?? Too cute!!

I keep searching for nutria on my runs, but so far the duck pond has just been ducks and geese.