Monday, December 26, 2011

Frozen Fingers Run #1.6

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  I'm using my time off to get caught up on my long runs!  But with nothing going on today, I slept in before heading to the park.  What's sleeping in?  Not waking up until after 8 and not getting out of bed until 9!!  Holy cow!  But oh so enjoyable.

Knowing I would be visiting the park quite a few times in the next few weeks, I decided to mix it up and start at a different spot.  And I got to use one of my favorite Christmas presents - a super cool headband from my super cool friend Kathy!

I realized I need to work on my transitions from walking to running and back.  Running - no problem.  Walking - no problem.  But going from running to walking I find my walking slows down.  When I notice I try to speed up and find my pace.  Once I find my pace, I'm good to go.  

I decided to go without gloves, since it wasn't extremely cold out and I usually warm up by mile 2.  Not so in this case.  My fingers were so cold by the time I finished.  Brr!!

It was good to do a section of the trail I hadn't done in awhile.  I passed by a ton of ducks at one point.  I'm glad it was ducks and not geese - geese scare me.  Lots of geese are gaggles, what are lots of ducks?  According to the Internet, there are lots of terms for groups of ducks, depending on what type of duck and what they are doing.

I finished up and was so happy to jump in the car and get warm again!!  

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