Sunday, August 07, 2011

Almost there...

A week from today I will be done with my triathlon!  Hooray!!  And then I can focus on the half marathon.  I will be so glad to have only one (main) event to train for.  More importantly, I can put my bike away and never see it again.  Well, never again until next year.

Monday - hot yoga, it was a class - not much more I can say.  Not good, not bad.  Just was.

Tuesday - my terrible, horrible, no good bike ride, followed by walk.

Wednesday - pool swim.

Friday - lake swim.  We got to the lake (my mom usually goes with me to make sure nothing happens, or if something happens, she's is there to get help) and walking down towards the water we notice something.  I think it is an animal of some sort, probably a beaver and my mom thinks a log, except it is moving way too fast.  It dips under the water and we don't see it resurface.  My mom is a little freaked at this point but I'm doing okay since I'm thinking its probably long gone.  There happened to be a park worker and so my mom asks him and he confirms my suspicions - a beaver.  Apparently the beaver has been seen a lot recently.  Beavers are nocturnal and most likely he was heading home after doing his beavering stuff all night.  With that excitement over, I step carefully into the water.  A couple of days of sun and the lake has warmed up a tad!  I was a few laps into my swim when I started thinking the water was really calm for it being Seafair weekend and sure enough as soon as that thought entered my mind a boat drove by setting off waves.  Now that's more like it.  Waves are always good practice for race day.  I finished up and went on with my day.

Saturday - another brick, and my second to last time on the bike before the triathlon.  It was actually a decent bike after Tuesday's debacle.  Helped it was a fairly flat course.  There was a lot of people on the trail, more so than usual, and I finally noticed the little bib numbers.  A race!  Also seen on my bike ride?  A rooster and a guy on a segway.  Add that to the beaver and it has been one interesting week.  I finished up the bike, and started off on the walk.  It took awhile before my legs started moving well, but they finally did.  Brick done.

In non-racing, non-training tidbits, I had an appointment in Seattle and as I was driving back across the bridge traffic slowed to a stop.  Why?  Because the Blue Angels were flying over the bridge in perfect formation!!  How cool!!  I seriously heart the Blue Angels.

Sunday - long walk day.  I remembered sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat!  Woot!!  It started off slightly overcast, but towards the end the clouds had cleared and the sun was starting to beat down.  Thank goodness I was almost done.  And thank goodness for shady spots and a breeze!  With that - 10 miles done.  10 miles is my magic number.  I usually feel pretty good if I can make it 10 miles.  After all, it's only another 5K to finish a half marathon!!  I went to hot yoga next (yin yoga, or gentle yoga) and during shoelace, I hear the Blue Angels flying overhead!  Yay!!

And there you have it!

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