Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Moral of the Story on Vitamins and Jamba Juice

Apparently there are times in your life where you learn a lesson and think you have got it all figured out only to find that no, you didn't quite get it the first time and you need to learn it again.  And hopefully it will stick the second time.  Or else you may be doomed to repeat it over and over.  (I will warn you ahead of time, this isn't going to be the prettiest story in the world, so read at your own risk.)

Once upon a time, Emily didn't really like taking her vitamins.  (Actually, I still don't.  But the grown-up in me makes me take them anyway.)  I was late to work so I took my vitamins, stopped at Jamba Juice to grab breakfast and continued on to work.  The mixture of vitamins on an empty stomach followed by Jamba did not sit well.  At all.  And my stomach decided to rebel.  Thankfully it did so at a stoplight.  And thankfully I had a plastic bag in my car.  So much for being a little late too work.  I was now going to be a lot late to work.  Back home, changed clothes, tried to clean up my car and then on to work.  After that I was very careful to only take vitamins on a if not full, then at least not empty, stomach.

(There is another time, that I won't get into details, that involved some sort of healthy-type juice that smelled like vitamins with the same result.  But no actual vitamins or Jamba was involved.)

Cue this morning.  I had an early morning chiropractor appointment, which means I don't have breakfast at home and instead usually stop at Jamba after my appointment.  I get to work with my Jamba in hand (Mega Mango with protein & matcha if you are interested).  By this time, I've at least had a little bit of my Jamba so I'm thinking it is fairly safe to take my vitamins.  That would be a no.  And not just a no - but a NO!  It isn't safe!  All of a sudden my tummy starts rebelling in a big way and I make a dash for the bathroom.  (At least this time I wasn't in my car!)

Moral of the story (at least for me) is do not mix Jamba and vitamins.  It will not end well.

I warned you it wasn't pretty!!

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Fruit Fly said...

Uh oh - lesson learned - good to know! Eek!