Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This, That and the Other

Don't you hate it when you have this great post written in your head (complete with very funny observations) and then when you sit down to actually write it, those great ideas are nowhere to be found?  Just like that - poof!

Anyway, let's just see what comes out of my typing away on the keyboard.  I was in Houston this weekend!!  And knocked off #34 on my 34 Things list.  Jana and I very rarely meet up in Houston - usually its in a Disney park or in another country!  I've never actually been to her house in Houston, which is why it made my 34 Things list (partly to motivate me and partly because I knew it was something I could probably easily knock off).  Flight prices were super cheap and so I made my way down.  Of course I pick the hottest weekend of the year to visit!!  But that's okay since we never really went outside much.  Gotta love that AC!  It was a great weekend!!  I saw Jana & Ben's house, saw several friends, ate yummy tex-mex (creamy jalapeno dip!!), and we planned our trip to Croatia (and Belgium) in November!!  I was feeling quite accomplished when it was time for me to fly home.

I watched Water for Elephants on the plane.  I love, love, love Reese Witherspoon (we would so be BFFs in real life).  And I liked Robert Pattison in this movie.  Maybe he just doesn't do well as a moody vampire?  Because I think I've liked him in every thing I've seen him in, except Twilight.  But that could be because I'm so on Team Jacob!!   

Speaking of BFFs - I walked into a store and some random person asked me what BFF stood for.   

Summer is fast coming to an end.  I woke up early yesterday morning to get a quick walk in before work and it was still dark!  Goodbye long hours of daylight.  I miss you already!  You know how else I know summer is fast coming to an end?  School is starting which means increased traffic.  Boo.

Holy fast approaching race Batman!  Is it really less than three weeks to my half marathon?!  One long walk this weekend, one more the next, and then RACE DAY!!  (Although a small part of me really wishes I was doing the Disneyland Half this weekend.  Who am I kidding - a large part of me wishes that!)

I'm trying out Pure Barre tonight.  Wish me luck!

I'm sure there was something else quite riveting I had to share, but that's all for today folks.


Fruit Fly said...

I will send Mickey your love when I see him tomorrow!

I know I've seen really confused looks on people's faces when they've heard BFF for the first time. It is like they always assume it is dirty when it totally isn't!

And when I'm running I often think I have THE best idea for a blog. I'm going to wow everyone with my deep inside and creative ideas. I sit down to write? Gone. So yes, I get what you are talking about!

Elysia said...

Hey Emily - love your blog! I discovered it today when I was googling the Ridge Turkey trot. I too am doing a 5k a month (or a 10k) with a half marathon next year. It is so fun, right? You should totally come up to the Ridge again this year for the Turkey trot! Check out my blog too - Would love to see you on the Ridge this year! Elysia