Tuesday, October 12, 2010

List #13 Random Things about Me

The cleanse is over!!  Hooray!  Now comes the hard part of incorporating all that clean living into my daily life and enjoying treats in moderation.  It's all about balance and not being too hard of myself when I slip up because it'll happen.

I don't really have much else to say at the moment so we'll fall back to a list of random tidbits about yours truly. 
  1. One of my dreams as a kid was to find a historical artifact.
  2. I love listening to old time radio shows. Richard Diamond, The Shadow, Boston Blackie, Our Miss Brooks – I could go on.
  3. I read romance novels. And I love romantic comedies.  I'm sure no one is shocked by this.  Sometimes you just need a fluffy boy meets girl story.
  4. I failed my Driver’s Test, twice.
  5. I got my first C ever my first quarter of college. And I got 2. I’m pretty sure those were the only ones I ever got though.
  6. I watch too much TV. But it is so darn hard to turn off sometimes!
  7. When I talk to myself, I sometimes will use hand gestures to get a point across – to myself.
  8. I am not a night person. I don’t know that I would necessarily call myself a morning person anymore (I used to be more of a morning person), but I am definitely not a night person. I turn into a pumpkin if I am out too late.
  9. I am the person who is jamming out in her car at a red light.
  10. I want to get married in a castle.
  11. I used to hate (with a passion) the color pink when I was younger, but now I have embraced the color (it isn't my favorite, but it's in the top 5).
  12. I don't like to cook.  At all.
  13. I probably drink on average 3 to 4 liters of water a day.


FruitFly said...

I always love a reason to write a list! And I really love that you are done with your cleans. I don't know how you did it!

I was a hater of pink, too! Then I saw Legally Blond in college and realized it was time to embrace the color. For a while a good chunk of my wardrobe was pink after that!

Anonymous said...

What a randomly WONDERFUL person you are!
I agree it can be hard to turn the tv (and computer) off, especially when you should have been in bed a half hour ago . . . oh well:)

Sara @ RunningInPinkProject said...

I watch WAY too much TV too. :D