Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here We Go

I'm just back from Disneyland!  And when I say just back, I mean I've been back for several days but I caught a cold on the way home and so have been somewhat out of commission.  Pictures & recap to come (hopefully soon!)...  In the meantime, I have realized I am about 4 months away from the Princess Half.  While it seems like I've still got time, factor in vacation & holidays and it'll be here before you know it.  Not to mention I haven't done anything the past few weeks between work, being out of town & now a cold.  So it is probably time to start getting serious about training.  I sat down with my calendar and attempted to plan something out leading up to February 27, 2011.  Loosely, each week will look something like this:

Monday: Hot Yoga
Tuesday: Treadmill (3 - 5 miles)
Wednesday: Free Choice (hot yoga, elliptical, weights, swim etc.)
Thursday: Treadmill (3 - 5 miles)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Kickboxing/hot yoga
Sunday: Long Run

There is wiggle room built in.  The schedule isn't set in stone (although I did write in pen!) and I can always shift things around.  And I have the very important fact that I have done this before.  And I finished!! 

More importantly this means I only have 4 months to sort out a costume.  Yikes!!  Better get my thinking cap on!

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FruitFly said...

Eek!! I get butterflies every time I read a fellow Princess talk about how fast it is coming up and how we have to start training soon.

I hope you had a great time in Disneyland (how could you not??)! I'm leaving for Portland right after work, then I'm on a plane tomorrow morning for Disney World! I'll look forward to reports and pictures when I get back.

And when I get back .... that 1/2 marathon training begins! So exciting - yet completely terrified for a 1/2 marathon virgin like myself!