Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fruit or Vegetable

Okay, so I promise not to bore you with too many cleanse details over the next few days.  Or too many I'm really hungry statements.  After all, I brought this on myself.  I knew what I was getting into.  And you'd think after going through it the first time, I might have learned to think more about what I eat.  To some extent I did, for awhile anyway.  But then life got busy, which isn't a real excuse.  Anyways...

I think I have developed a pack a day habit.  Pack of gum that is.  What can I say, it keeps my mouth happy.  Another day is almost at a close.  Goodbye fruits & veggies, hello lemon juice.  While I had an array of different fruits, my veggies were carrots.  And avocados - are avocados really considered a vegetable?  I'm claiming them as a vegetable, and a green one at that!  Oh snap.  They aren't a vegetable, they are a fruit.  So yeah, my only veggie has been carrots.  Probably should work on that for the end of the cleanse when I'm back on fruits & veggies. 

I'm having weird cravings (and dreams too but that is another story).  Popcorn sounded so good to me today.  And normally I am not a huge popcorn person.  I was also craving a big glass of cold milk.  And what would I need to have with my milk?  Why cookies of course.  I could go for a pumpkin cookie right about now.  I did spend a few minutes looking up recipes for when the week is over.  Oh my, there are some yummy recipes out there.  With pictures!!  Not much longer now.

Time to go eat another orange!   

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FruitFly said...

When I tried this crazy diet last year all I wanted was peanut butter. Once I was off of the diet I think I pretty much ate any and everything with peanut butter as the main ingredient!

Good luck with this cleanse - glad I'm not the one eating carrots. Yuck! ;)