Wednesday, June 18, 2008

31 Things Update

1. Travel to a country I've never been to before. I've now been to Sweden - granted it was only for a few hours, and most of it was spent in a car, but I'm counting it! :)

2. Make it back to Houston a couple of times. I was in Houston over the weekend.

3. Improve my triathlon time. My overall time improved as well as my swim, run & transition times. I still need to work on my bike time.

5. Take at least one picture a week (I would say more frequently, but knowing me one picture a week could be pushing it some weeks!). Fortunately I've been traveling or at events so I've been basically able to accomplish this! But the question is can I keep it up?

13. Attend a theatrical event (musical, play, ballet, etc.) Talk about two birds with one stone, while I was in Houston I watched Sweeny Todd (the musical). It was really good - I was impressed at how the actors not only sang but played musical instruments as well.

14. Eat at several restaurants I've been meaning to - Greenlake Bar & Grill, Z Tejas, Boka and Salish to name a few. It helped that it was my birthday plus a few friends birthdays so I've now eaten at La Isla and Z Tejas.

24. Take a cooking class. I should have been able to mark this one off as I was signed up for a class but a deadline at work meant I wasn't able to attend. I am signed up for another class so here's hoping I will be able to make it!

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Stacy O said...

Great job on checking things off your list, you do so many fun things!! Wow, and you must have a TON of airline miles. Mmm...I love Z'Tejas!!!