Thursday, May 28, 2009

32 Things To Do Before I Turn 33

If this list looks just a tad familiar, it should! A majority of these items were on my 31 Things list, some stayed on the list because they'll probably always be on my list and others stayed to give me another chance to cross them off the list!

1. Travel to a country I've never been to before.

2. Run (or walk) a half-marathon. Yup, it has been awhile since I've done a half-marathon so I guess it's time to try again.

3. Buy a new laptop.

4. Take a photography class.

5. Be a better correspondent (i.e. keep in better touch with my friends).

6. Try out a new recipe.

7. Start consistently doing a weight-training or strength-training program, either with a trainer or on my own.

8. Organize all my flotsam and jetsam - either to be scrapbooked or to be disposed of.

9. Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park.

10. Make it through a hot yoga class doing all the postures.

11. Travel to one new city in the US.

12. Write a chapter for my novel (which I still haven't figured out what it is about).

13. Start seriously looking at buying a house/townhome/condo.

14. Go to an athletic shoe store where they look at how you walk and recommend a type/style of shoe.

15. Run (emphasis on run) a 5K.

16. Attend a dance class (hip-hop, salsa or styling). I've been meaning to do this for awhile but haven't.

17. Take a wine-tasting class.

18. Go to an acupuncturist.

19. Go to an outdoor movie.

20. Go kayaking.

21. Go to a Husky game and go to a Sounders game.

22. Treat myself to a facial.

23. Take a couple of weekend trips (Oregon coast, Vancouver B.C., etc.)

24. Get a manicure every couple of months.

25. Organize my file cabinet. It was organized once upon a time, but since then I've gotten behind and I need to catch back up.

26. Go to trivia night. I used to do this fairly regularly but then life got in the way! Let's see if I can start up the tradition again this year.

27. Get the most out of my annual Walt Disney World pass. That's right folks, I got me an annual Disney pass this year.

28. Buy a new camera. This really has to happen now as I broke my camera in Greece!!

29. Set up an IRA.

30. Go for a hot air balloon ride.

31. Go to the podiatrist.

32. And one I'll keep to myself for now.

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