Sunday, February 10, 2008

This, that and the other

I was trying to figure out what I should give up for Lent. Dessert was too easy or too hard, depending on how you look at it with the potential of completely undermining all my willpower. I ended up with giving up Starbucks. I realize that is a little nebulous but I figured it was something I would miss. However, it doesn't mean I can go to Tully's or Seattle's Best instead, but if it is free latte day at work I can partake. Part of the reason I'm giving up Starbucks is now that they have raised their prices, my cinnamon dolce latte is expensive!! I really missed it this weekend! I can go to Starbucks on any given weekend 4 or 5 times, usually as my reward after a walk at the park. But I made it - 5 days down, 35 to go.

Speaking of walking at the park, I started off around Greenlake this morning and ran into close to 2,000 people coming towards me!! It was the annual Valentine's Day dash. I stayed off to the side and managed to navigate my way through the horde of people.

I've been really bored at the gym lately. That combined with being fairly susceptible to peer pressure has me signing up for boot camp and kickboxing. Several of my co-workers signed up for boot camp and convinced me to try it. After the first class I signed up but I'm only doing boot camp once a week, instead of the 3 times a week it is offered. Getting up once a week for a 6 a.m. class in the cold is enough for me! And if that wasn't enough they also convinced me to try kickboxing and now I'm taking kickboxing classes. But it is cutting down on my gym boredom!

My poor car - after having the passenger side window smashed, it now has a noise (which the mechanic assured me was a normal noise), and Saturday I got a chip in the windshield!

I think that's the update from my world...

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Stacy O said...

Your poor car!! Nice work giving up Starbucks for Lent too, wow! You have willpower Em!!