Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have been feeling lost in several different areas of my life. One area in particular would be that of exercise. Without anything to train for it has been easy to say "I don't feel like working out tonight" and going home after work, bypassing the gym. Of course, then I feel bad (usually) that I didn't work out and the cycle continues. Today I decided to take a couple of steps to re-focus at least this aspect of my life. I met my friend this morning for what used to be our Saturday morning constitutional. This was the first time we've met for a walk in several months. It was also 36 degrees outside! Brr!! Note to self: next time remember a hat to keep my ears warm. I also bought myself a new pair of tennis shoes. And the pièce de résistance, I signed up for the 12Ks of Christmas Run which, let's face it, will be more of a walk for me. I have about 7 weeks to train. I like the 12K distance (approximately 7.4 miles) and it is just long enough that you do need to do some training for it. The reason why I'm posting all this is to keep myself honest. By putting out the goal of doing this run, it will help motivate me!


Kristin said...

Good for you! This looks like a fun one. Cold, but fun ;) If you are ever in Seattle, gimme a call and we'll run Greenlake!

Anonymous said...

"Life" often distracts us from our hobbies. You are one of the few who picks up right where you left off. Every time you do an event you continue to inspire me.
**Rock on Girlfriend**