Sunday, March 23, 2008

Training - Week 1

I signed up for the Orlando Danskin triathlon and was all excited to start training and then I went on vacation. Back in the real world it has been a little hard to motivate myself. And then I looked at the calendar! Yikes! Only seven weekends to go (well, really 6 since the first weekend in April will be spent at work as it is the end of the quarter). Saturday I made it to the pool and started off easy - 10 laps. Jumping into a heated pool is much different than a lake or ocean! I was planning to ride my bike on Sunday and woke up to rain. Six weeks, six weeks, I kept telling myself and so after church I headed to the park. I started off thinking I could go 12 miles but soon revised that down 10. It wasn't long before I revised that down to 9 and then 8. I rationalized this decision with the purpose of today's bike ride was to get out there and start using the muscles I hadn't used since last year. As I passed the 3.5 mile marker I was feeling better so I ended up going to the 4.5 mile marker before turning (so 9 miles in total). A good start!

P.S. It must seem like I complain A LOT. Yes, I am a complainer. I don't mean anything by my complaints, it is just my way of getting it out of my system. I usually feel better after I complain.

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