Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What to do?

The last two years I have done the Seattle Danskin Triathlon. I have been watching their website to sign up for the 2008 race as the Seattle race sells out fast. Registration opened for Seattle and I signed up with no doubts that I wouldn't be able do it. This was a week or so ago. And today the light bulb turned on. I am potentially going to be gone on a work thing (which I can't really talk about yet) right when the triathlon takes place. I felt instantly deflated when the dates clicked and I realized it most likely will not be possible for me to do it. I have been contingency planning to find another triathlon to do this year as I did not want to not do one at all. And I did find one that would work with my time frame. But I am still feeling a little sad at not doing the Danskin. So I can't do the Seattle Danskin, but the thought came to me - can I do a different one? I've been thinking about the Orlando Danskin for awhile and had finally decided to do it next year (2009). But with this new development, do I do the Orlando Danskin this year as well? Hm, this will take some thinking...

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