Sunday, April 20, 2008

Training - Week 5

The alternative name of this post is "What the Hail?" as it was hailing on Friday! Hail, in the middle of April? And to make it more interesting, it continued hailing and snowing on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday was a swimming day - at the pool. I think it is still a little too cold, for me anyway, to swim in the lake. Thursday was a bike day.

Friday, I took a mental health day. As I was waiting to get my driver's license renewed, out the window I could see it was hailing. Yes, hailing! I finished up at the DMV and headed for the pool, thinking maybe by the time I finished swimming the hail would have stopped. It had so I decided to go ahead and go for a bike ride. There was no hail but it was pretty windy and I was going into the wind. So it wasn't before long I was thinking I would have preferred the hail to the wind! Of course when it started to hail I changed my tune and really just wanted nice weather. It was at this point I decided 8 miles was going to be enough as I was at the 4 mile mark and I was turning around. Not too long after I turned around the hail abated and the wind lessoned until I was almost back to my car when the skies opened up and it started hailing again. I threw my bike in the back and jumped in my car before I got completely soaked. And on my way home, the sun came out. What kind of crazy weather is this?

I had been hoping all the snow would work itself out on Saturday so I could ride my bike on Sunday. I woke up to about an inch or so of snow and it was still snowing. So no bike ride. I packed up my swim gear and headed to church. About three blocks from my house the snow was non-existent. I should have taken my bike. I changed my mind when I walked out of church and it was once again pouring snow. Good thing I was going swimming in the heated pool! After swimming I met up with my sister for a yoga class.

A picture of our ornamental cherry tree in the snow!

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Anonymous said...

snow in april?!?!? . . . your photo is worth a thousand words!