Saturday, April 12, 2008

Training - Weeks 2 to 4

Between a cold and then quarter end my training has been derailed. I've had a few bike rides here and there but that's about it. But as of today I am back on schedule. And good thing too since there are only 29 days left until my triathlon.

You know you've been working a lot when you get in your car to come home and on the radio you hear "Welcome to the Morning Show".

It is probably not the best idea to go to kickboxing class when you are very tired. My muscles were about 3 seconds behind my brain resulting in me tripping several times. The last time was the best as I stumbled a couple of steps and did a windmill move with my arms and just barely caught myself on a punching bag. It was a pretty funny sight, if I do say so myself.

The word on the street today? The weather! It was 70+, an absolutely beautiful day. Everyone I talked to, from a barista, to the cashier at Target, to people in the elevator, commented on how beautiful and how warm it was today.

Waiting for my drink at Starbucks I over-listened to a couple of girls talking. One was explaining to the other how she sees her birthday numbers all the time, especially when she looks at the clock. I laughed to myself as I do the same thing. Anytime I see the combination of 4 and 29 I wish myself a happy birthday.


Stacy O said...

Wow, I know it's tax season and all, but does it affect you at your work? Nice work on your training!!
Okay, and I do the same thing with my birthday and the clock, I swear! It's always 7:24 when I look at the clock, it's crazy. And I thought it was just me, haha.

Emily said...

Haha! I think a lot of people must do it.

The tax deadline isn't why we are busy (this time!) but another deadline.