Friday, May 16, 2008

Officially Official

The opportunity for me work in our German offices has been a possibility that has been floating around for several years now. And this is the year it is finally happening! It has now been announced that I will be going over mid to late July through August to help on several projects. I'm excited about this opportunity. To say I'm just a bit terrified would be an huge understatement. But it will be a great experience for me. Now I just need to learn German!


Mandi said...

Wahoo! That is so exciting! We'll be in the same city for 6 weeks! How random is that?

Stacy O said...

How awesome Emily! What an honor to be chosen!!!! And this time your travels are on your company...nice. I feel a fun weekend or two trip for you!!!!

My hubby spent two years in Germany for school...I'll send him over to help with your German!!!!

Emily said...

I know - 2 kids from Hazen High in Bonn of all places!

And yes Stacy, you are right - definitely a few weekend trips! :)