Monday, November 03, 2008

31 Things Update

Two posts in one night!  I'm on a roll!!

2. Make it back to Houston a couple of times.   I visited Houston last weekend!

7. Back up my pictures on CDs. If I'm really ambitious catalogue and organize!  I finally moved a lot of my pictures onto an external hard drive.

14. Eat at several restaurants I've been meaning to - Greenlake Bar & Grill, Z Tejas, Boka and Salish to name a few.  So my new favorite restaurant is Azul!  It is a bit of a drive but it is really good!

15. Play bingo in Houston.  Woohoo!  When I visited Houston we played bingo - no one won anything, but it was fun.

22. Set aside some money and invest in the stock market.  So I set aside some money and I figured now would be a good time!  I opened up an account but I haven't actually bought an stocks yet.

27. Take a yoga class. (Technically this one is already done since I attended one on 4/20, but since I planned to put it on the list before I took the class I'm leaving it on. Plus this way it will motivate me to take another!)  I took a hot yoga class (taught by my sister).  Wow - it was super intense!

31. And one I'll keep to myself for now.  This was a couple of different things I wanted to do for myself and now I have accomplished one.

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