Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hips Hold Emotion

They are renovating the bathrooms at work which means I need to walk up a flight of stairs to use the bathroom. The bathrooms on my floor will be closed for probably a month. Even though it is only one floor, it is going to get annoying fairly quickly.

Where has this year gone to? It seems as if it was yesterday it was 2007 and now it's Christmas! Well, at least you would believe it's Christmas from all the store displays and eggnog lattes! For whatever reason, I don't feel it would be right to indulge in an eggnog latte until at least after Thanksgiving.

I went for a run (which again in Emily speak means walk, run, walk, run) on Sunday. I hadn't been running for awhile and I realized two things - 1) I am not going to be ready for the 12Ks of Christmas but good thing they have a 5K option and 2) even though it was a short distance (because I'm still trying to get over a cold) it felt really good to go for a run. Apparently over the course of the last couple years I have become a runner!

And for laughs - what is blue and smells likes red paint? Blue paint, of course!!


Mandi said...

Yay for running! I just wrote a post the other day about how easy it is to forget how good running can make you feel. But when you get out there and just do it, it makes you feel like you're queen of the world! Good luck with your preparing for the 5K!

On another note, I'll be home for Christmas, and April is trying to coordinate a mini-reunion dinner together in Seattle on December 22nd -- wanna come?

Emily said...

Definitely yay for running!! And yay that you'll be home for Christmas and I'll be in town! Count me in for the mini-reunion!!

Michelle said...

Ok....I love the joke!!!