Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cannon Beach

For President's Day I decided to head down to the Oregon Coast for the weekend. My plans were simple - to relax, read, and take pictures. Normally I set my camera on auto and snap away, but this time I wanted to play with features, maybe change an aperture or shutter speed. I had been reading up on my new favorite site, The Pioneer Woman, all sorts of tips on how to take your camera manual. A good thing to remember when your plan is to expand your picture taking horizons is the manual for your camera. Whoops! I did still play around with my camera features but not to the extent I was hoping to.

I decided too late to decide to go to Cannon Beach and so I wasn't able to get a ocean view room, so instead of splurging on a hotel room I decided to splurge and get two massages! I arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for sunset and spent time on the beach until my fingers were cold. There was a seafood restaurant across the street from the hotel so I walked over there for dinner.

Saturday morning I woke up and started the day off by taking a run on the beach. I then grabbed my camera and spent time on the beach. Next up - a massage! Ahhh, it was fantastic! Although the masseuse would ask me random questions just when I was about to fall asleep. Afterwards I drove out to Ecola State Park, as from there you can see the lighthouse, which is a few miles offshore. As I got out of my car I felt the wind and saw the very ominous clouds. And then it started raining - the rain was biting, pelting rain and the wind was driving it sideways. I looked around a bit, but really couldn't see anything so I jumped back into my car. The rain subsided a bit so I drove to the next parking lot and looked around a bit. There was a trail I could have taken to see the lighthouse but as it was still threatening to rain I decided to drive back to town for lunch and to look around. The sun eventually came back out and I spent a lot of time walking on the beach before once again noticing the dark clouds. I headed back for the hotel and was almost there when the rain started. This rain, however, came with a huge rainbow over the hotel. Beautiful!

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday - run on the beach, walking out to Haystack rock, playing on the rocks uncovered by low tide and then a massage. Ahh. As I was walking off the beach I saw one more sand dollar (I loved finding sand dollars as a little girl) and bent down to take a picture. As I walked off a little girl ran up to see the sand dollar and picked it up and added it to her collection. Some things never change! I checked out and began the drive back to Seattle. And that ends my weekend away. You can see more pictures here, but be forewarned they are much more of the same.

And why has it taken me so long to post? Well, I got back to Seattle and my throat was hurting. Thinking I was coming down with a cold, I drank some OJ and went to bed. Unfortunately it wasn't a cold, but instead strep throat. Yuck! The medicine is doing its job and I am on the mend!

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