Sunday, March 22, 2009

Training - Week 3

Wow - already the third week of training.  Another light-ish week with 2 swims and one bike ride.  The bike ride was once again me vs the elements, but what else can you expect in Seattle, especially in the month of March?  The wind wasn't nearly as bad as last week and the rain wasn't too bad until the end.  And now?  The sun is out.  Some consolation is the fact I'm leaving for Hawaii in a few days!  Not too much longer until I'm sipping a fruity drink on the beach!

I finished my bike ride, cold and wet.  What would be the best cure for that?  A steaming, hot latte!!  Too bad I gave up lattes for Lent.  Instead I settled for putting on my sweats and cuddling with a blanket.

And that brings me to now - sitting on my couch, wrapped in a blanket, watching basketball.  I love March Madness!!  The bracket busters, the Cinderellas, the last second clutch shots - I love it all!

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