Friday, August 28, 2009

Five Senses Friday #6

* My sister, looking beautiful, as she got married. And of course, me looking all dolled up for her wedding.

* About Michelle's first week of teaching juinor highers! Well technically reading her emails, rather than hearing. But I can just see Michelle telling the story, so that should count as hearing! :)
* "You go rockstar!" as I was riding my bike. This cheer was actually given to the girl ahead of me on the path, but I am taking it as mine because I'm a rockstar! :)

* Freshly baked bread as I walked by Great Harvest on my way to the grocery store.

* California burger & beer ice cream at Redhook Brewery - yum!! I had forgotten how good it was!

* The onset of an ear infection. Yuck!! I am trying to ward off with home remedies.
* Excitement for my upcoming trip to Krakow & Paris.

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