Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Sense Friday #7

* UW beating USC!!!!! GO DAWGS!! And since I actually dreamed we won the night before (except the score was 24 - 21), I got to celebrate twice - once in my dream and once in reality!
* A big gigantic bug on the hood of my car. Fortunately it was on the outside of my car while I was on the inside and the windshield was between us.
* Fall season premieres - I did really enjoy my summer of extremely reduced TV watching, but there is something about the start of the fall season shows that sucks me in. And if I hadn't already been intrigued and planning on watching FlashForward, the fact that the future day is April 29th (my birthday!!) would have put me over the edge.

* Wicked!! There is an argument that this should be in the seeing section but I'm going to put it in the hearing section. It is such a good show!
* A "good for you!" cheer and some clapping while I was out running. Once again, my definition of "running" is running interspersed with walking and I'm sure many people can walk faster than I can run. But still, I love the cheer - it kept me going up the hill when I wanted to quit running and start walking.

* Not much since I am still battling a cold. I am feeling a lot better though!

* So Jessica & I have been going to the grocery store at the beginning of the week and getting sandwich fixings for the week. It has worked pretty well because for whatever reason, I'll make my sandwich at work, but not at home. Anyway, we made our turkey sandwiches on Monday and later that day neither of our tummies was happy. So no more turkey sandwiches for this week and instead we've been having smoothies for lunch, except for today when we splurged and got Red Robin.
* Lots and lots of tea to help with the cold.

* Still a little run down from my cold, but a little more energized from hot yoga.

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