Saturday, September 19, 2009

Up and Down

This has been an up and down type of week. I flew home on Sunday (more to come on that) with either allergies or a cold. As the week progressed it became more and more evident that it was a cold. My routine became come home, drink tea and go to bed. Weighing in the back of my mind was the fact I had a triathlon coming up. Prior to my vacation I had decided this was going to be a fun race (not an "A" race). With the cold, I had to decide if it was worth doing even for fun. My decision changed pretty much hourly. Wednesday was a bad day and I officially decided against the race. But Thursday dawned and I was feeling much better. The race was back on!! And then came Friday. I had a coughing fit carrying boxes across the office. Even though I was feeling better, the cold had settled in my chest. The race was back to being off. Final answer? Yup. Oh well, there will be other races which was one of the deciding factors actually. The Tower of Terror 13K is in about a month and that is an "A" race for me. It is probably better if I sit this one out and get better.

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