Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last Training Run

The Tower of Terror 13K is a week from today! Which means today was my last "big" run. The forecast for this weekend? Rain. Alrighty then, let's go. Ever wondered what goes through my mind during a run? Today you get to join me...

The alarm goes off. Snooze!

The alarm goes off again. Is that rain? Ugh.

Windshield wipers are on low, it shouldn't be that bad.

Made it to the park with the windshield wipers still on low, maybe I don't need the raincoat.

No, I need the raincoat. Stupid hood won't stay in place. Oh, I have a hat in the car. With the hat on top of the hood it is staying in place, but my head is getting warm. We'll see how long this lasts.

It lasts about one song. It isn't raining too hard. Hat and hood come off. Maybe I didn't need the jacket. (As an aside, I know running with an iPod isn't always recommended, so you can better hear your body and your surroundings but right now I don't have enough self discipline to run without it so it goes with me)

Stupid jacket. I am hot. Okay, I can think of it as simulating hot weather. After all the weather also did say Orlando would be 80+ degrees.

Wow, those girls ran past me as if I was walking. I need to get a jacket like hers with yellow. Which she is taking off and wrapping it around her waist. Well if she can take off her jacket, so can I! Except not as gracefully. She didn't even pause, while I am slowing down to walk.

Isn't it a walk song yet?

Woohoo, a walk song! (Another aside - my pattern lately is run 3 songs, walk 1)

Not much longer until the park and the bathroom.

Ooh, I like this song!

Made it to the park. And the bathroom.

And off we go again.

Why did it start raining again? Jacket back on. Hood back on.

Okay, its not raining too bad. No more hood.

Keep going. Just think, tomorrow you get to have gelato with Diane. Yum, gelato. Ge-la-to! Ge-la-to!

I hate this hill. At the top of the hill the jacket is coming off.

Top of the hill aaaaand jacket off!

Go left. If I were to go right it would lead back to my car and I could go home where it is warm. Except I still have to go to hot yoga after this.

Smile at the runner coming towards me. "Morning"

Did it get darker? Yup it sure did. That is one big dark ugly cloud. Please don't rain on me cloud.

And its raining. Pouring down rain.

Rain, rain go away.

Here comes the couple I saw last week, with their golden retriever. "Hello"

What's the point of putting on the jacket? I'm soaked, regardless.

If I can just make it through this straight-away, I'll be under the trees for awhile.

Yay! Tree cover.

Ugh, this is not my favorite song. I need to take it off my shuffle.

Ge-la-to! Ge-la-to! It is going to taste so good.

My shoes are so squishy.

Here comes a group of runners. They look as wet as I feel. Paste a smile on your face. "Morning"

Wow, even with the torrential rains people are still out and friendly.

A dad and his two girls are coming towards me. The dad tells me I'm hardcore for being out here. I don't know about hardcore. I have a race in a week!

Rain, rain, go away. Watch out for the puddle.

I pass the runner I passed earlier. She throws her hands up, "what is this?" I know. Stupid rain.

Okay, keep running just a little big longer. Then you can walk up the rest of the hill.

Aaaaand walk. Yes!

Here comes the group of runners again. Still smiling. One of them calls to me "its still raining".

Yup, still raining. Still pouring rain. Squish, squish. Top of the hill and I get to go right! Woohoo!!

Wow, how did so much water accumulate in such a short period of time? Go around the puddle.

There's my car. Whew. Off to hot yoga.


Mandi said...

Cute idea for a post! And way to go, running through all that rain!

Emily said...

Thanks Mandi! :) I actually got the idea from when we were doing the "what I did all day" posts and just modified it a bit.

diane davis said...

Haha - that was awesome, and totally 'Emily'!

And the gelato (gel-a-to) was good ;)