Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

It has been a long few weeks between work and getting over my cold.

I should be doing a lot of things right now, my pictures, my trip report, at the gym - the list is endless. But I am vegging in front of TV. And thinking random thoughts...

Happy Birthday Kyle! Happy Birthday Bailey! I hope you both had good birthdays and I hope to come down and see you sometime soon.

Whenever we order pizza at work I usually have the thin crust, thinking it's not as bad as the regular kind. And then I slipped up and had the normal crust. Wow, it was really good! That was such a bad decision on my part! How am I going back to thin crust now?

I was following the Ironman Championships this past weekend. Wow, that is a crazy, insane race. While a little tiny part of me wondered if I could do that someday, it was quickly quashed. I never feel the need to do a marathon, especially after swimming and biking! However, a half Ironman isn't out of the question, or at least out of the question yet. And maybe the next progression will be an Olympic distance... But for now I'm sticking with sprint distances!

Fall is here. I love fall - football, the leaves changing, the crisp air. And don't forget pumpkin spice lattes!

Speaking of caffeine and things that I don't normally have, I had some Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper. I had forgotten how good they are! I gave up caffeinated sodas for Lent a few years back and don't normally drink them anymore, except on vacation - until last week when I gave in to temptation. And it was good. Now that things are normal again, I should be able to resist.

Note to self: it is a good idea to stagger your running / gym shoes. That way, when you need to get new ones you aren't breaking in two pairs at the same time.

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