Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cottage Lake Triathlon & Iron Girl 5K

Do you ever have those moments and wonder just what on earth you were thinking?  This was one of those weekends where somehow I found myself once again signed up for 2 different events and wondering just how that happened. 

First up was Cottage Lake Tri on Saturday.  This was a super sprint distance, so not quite as long as what I normally do (which is a sprint distance).  My thinking was since I was going to go out and do a brick (bike/run) in preparation for next weekend's triathlon, might as well do a race.  Makes sense, right?  Well it did until my alarm went off.  Ugh!  I won't do a full on race report, just a few thoughts:
  • I started getting a little nervous when I realized pretty much everyone else was wearing a wetsuit.  The water was cold!!  I might need to think about getting a wetsuit...
  • I got off course on the swim but one of the course officials got me back on track.
  • The bike kicked my a$$!!  Lots of steep hills.  I lost it on one because I wasn't able to down shift quick enough.  On the second loop, I just barely hung on.
  • Best comment?  As we were running into transition after the bike, a woman turned to me and said "This is where we wish we had signed up as part of a relay!"  So true, so true!  Ha!  I had a smile on my face going into the run even though...
  • I was worn out by the run between the cold swim & the rough bike.  I had a stern talk with myself as I passed out of sight of the spectators (the perfect time to walk) - you just did this a week ago in brutal hot weather, you can keep running!
  • They had the best post race food ever - bread with nutella!!  I love nutella!  And a medal!  I love medals!
Next up was the Iron Girl 5K on Sunday.  I had wanted to do this race for several years but for whatever reason, it hasn't worked out until this year.  It was another early morning, which is currently taking its toll as I'm rushing through this before my eyes close.
  • I liked how they gave you a bag and let you pick out your own "swag".  I grabbed some tea, lotion and ointment.
  • There were 3,000 ish participants and even though they seeded us, I still had to run around and through (but hopefully not over) a lot of people.  It took a while to thin out, but it did.
  • I loved seeing the little girls running along side their moms.  And I was envious of one girl (maybe 7 or 8) who would run a few steps then do a cartwheel.  Oh to have that kind of energy! 
  • The medal was super cool!! 
  • After I picked up my bag from gear check, I turned around to see a familiar face.  But why was it familiar?  And then it hit me!  It was Zoe from Run Zoe Run!  I don't know when or how I started reading her blog.  So I went up to her and I think I introduced myself or I might have just babbled on...
  • I got home and the race emailed me my time!  And drum roll....36:20!  Another PR!

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FruitFly said...

Hip hip hooray for your PR!!