Sunday, September 26, 2010

You Go Girl 10K

This race snuck up on me.  I picked up my packet on Saturday and woke up to rain on Sunday morning.  Isn't this reminiscent of last week?  I drove down to the start, parked, and used the bathroom before lining up in the starting chute.  They had pacers for those running the half, so I lined up close to the 2:40 pacer (as I have been running around a 12 minute mile lately).  Being a primarily girl race, there was lots of pink, sparkly headbands, and skirts.  I saw a dad running with his daughters.  A big cheer went up and we were off.  I must say, either I seeded myself too high, or people seeded themselves well because I really didn't need to dodge too many people and I don't think too many people had to run around me.

The race started out flat and then started to climb gradually, but not so gradually you didn't realize it was a hill.  Oh no, you knew it was a hill.  Towards the top someone said that this was the only hill and the rest of the course was fairly flat.  I liked hearing that!

But the joy over a fairly flat course only lasted so long.  In fact it lasted until the next hill.  So much for being flat!  I put my head down and focused on running up the hill, knowing there was a water stop at the top.  I walked through the water stop and then started up the next hill, turned the corner, and started up the next hill.  This is the opposite of a flat course!  I almost made it up this hill before I stopped to walk.  And I continued walking up the next hill. 

The seemingly unending hills finally ended and it was through a (by now) very muddy path in a park.  The path slowly dipped downward as we ran the perimeter of the park.  And what goes down, must come up.  It was a short, small hill when the 2:40 Pacer caught up to me.  I knew she was going to catch up to me at some point, but I was hoping it would have been a bit closer to the finish.  Now I just needed to keep her in sight.

After all those uphills, it was finally time for some downhills!!  The rest of course was basically downhill with a few flats thrown in.   

I finally caught back up to the 2:40 Pacer just before the 10K/Half split.  I told her "thank you" before heading down the 10K chute to the finish line!  Yay!!  I grabbed my post-race bagel & banana.  They had chocolate milk but it appeared to be only for those who ran the Half.  Now I am really craving chocolate milk!  I signed up for the complimentary massage and waited for my turn.  Even though it was a bit of a wait, it was worth it. 

And then it was time to head back to the car.  100+ stairs and a hill later, I reached my car.  Let me just say that was my least favorite part about this race.  My legs were crying by the time I reached the top of the stairs.  But on the bright side, it probably helped loosen me up!

Oh, my time!!  Thanks goes to the pacer!!  Keeping her in sight kept me motivated and I managed another PR - 1:14:42!  Woohoo!!

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