Friday, October 28, 2011

Twelve by 2012


It is no secret that I love lists.  And even more than lists, I love crossing things off lists!  So when I saw Mandi's list of 12 by 2012 I knew I wanted in (via oh, hello friend).  There isn't much left of 2011, so let's see what I can do before the clock turns to 2012.  Plus this may be the motivation I have been looking for.  I don't know if it is the change in season or what but I have been feeling blah lately. 

Bold = Finished!   Italics = Working on it!   (Last updated: November 6, 2011)
  1. Close unused checking account.
  2. Try two new recipes.
  3. Hold a plank position for 1 minute.
  4. Ease back into running once 1 year has passed since I fell off a cliff (I think the best part about falling off a cliff is saying "I fell off a cliff!").
  5. Cancel my American Express card since I never use it.
  6. Attend yoga at least twice a week.
  7. Upload & send out pictures from recent trips.
  8. Catch up and finish reading my bible in one year plan.
  9. Decide if I'm wearing a costume for the Tinker Bell & Princess Half Marathons (and order them!).
  10. Make an appointment with the podiatrist.
  11. Find a green monster smoothie recipe I like.
  12. Take the stairs to work at least twice a week.

1 comment:

Fruit Fly said...

Of all the people I know, I think you really are the one person that HAS fallen off a cliff!