Sunday, July 29, 2007

Training Update

Another rainy training day. Rain while swimming doesn't matter as much because I'm wet no matter what, but rain while bike riding means a very wet Emily. When my bike & I hit the trail, it was just a fine mist but by the end it had esclated into full blown rain. The trail wasn't as crowded as normal but there were still a fair number of people out.

The ride went well. It was close to my turn-around point when a slower song came on. It's amazing what a song can do for your energy. I immediately felt myself slooooooow down. I turned around and skipped to the next song and my energy immediately picked back up.

I finished up my 13 miles, soaked, but that much closer to being ready for the triathlon. Only four (oops!! I mean three!!! Where has the time gone?) weeks left until T-Day!!

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