Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twas the night before the 12Ks of Christmas

So I thought I was done Christmas shopping. Yay me! Time to pour some eggnog and sit back and watch Christmas movies! And then I went to wrap presents and realized I was not done. Two more presents were left to buy. Back out I went into the throngs of Christmas shoppers. At times I felt like a salmon swimming upstream, fighting against the masses of people. A few parking lot skirmishes - mainly conducted in my mind because let's face it I am not usually the confronting type. I survived the parking lots, the packed aisles with barely any room to maneuver, and the checkout lines that were miles long and how is it that I always choose the slowest line? And now I am officially done - well done with the shopping. Bring on the wrapping!

Tomorrow is the 12Ks (approx. 7.46 miles) of Christmas race! I love this race. It is so festive and a good length. Time to go lay out my clothes for tomorrow!

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