Friday, February 05, 2010

Five Senses Friday #15

* A beautiful rainbow, although that might have been last week that I saw it...

* The benefits of quinoa - I have now heard from several people that quinoa is good for women runners. Hm, might have to try out a new recipe.

* I will be tasting some sweet potato fries & banana mango salsa on Saturday! And I'm not even going to think about how many weight watcher points they are! :)

* Ice packs - wow, anything over 6 miles and it is time to break out the ice packs for my knees and lately, my lower back. Only 27 more days until race day!!
* Hungry - I re-signed up for weight watchers to kick this weight loss into gear. I had forgotten how hungry I can get the first week until I get used to it. And of course most of my conversations revolve around food.
* Sore arms - I really tried to work on my chattarongas (sp?) at hot yoga the other day and I am feeling that effort.

* Popcorn - it seems to be the snack of choice this week and since I sit near the kitchen I have been inundated with the buttery popcorn smell.

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