Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Senses Friday

  • The Tampa Bay Rays come back and win!  Not only the game but a spot in the post season.  I love listening to baseball on the radio.  What an exciting game!!  And then the next morning I woke up to Sweet Caroline on the radio - I think there is some irony in there somewhere! :)

  • Eggplant - you know for someone who isn't too keen on veggies, I really do love me some eggplant! 

  • Why is this one so hard for me?  I got nothing... 

  • The shows piling up on my DVR.  The new TV season just started and already I am behind!! 

  • A little overwhelmed and a little flabbergasted it is already October.  When did that happen?! 

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1 comment:

Fruit Fly said...

I, too, am flabbergasted by the October thing. Where the heck did the year go??

I don't normally watch TV but I find myself trying to tune into all sorts of things this year. Why do they all have to be on at 10pm though? I cannot stay up until 11 o'clock, tv people!!